Friday, August 28, 2009

I feel sloshy..... and I guess a bit wordy!

I am totally off routine and I feel gross! I have gotten in a couple bike rides, but I have done nothing else!
I had a bike re-fit on Wednesday. I have been experience significant IT band pain and knee pain on my left leg. Since my running game has been almost non-existent, I was pretty sure it was the bike. I have been pretty comfortable on the bike, but with the bike even a minor shift in saddle height and angle can make a difference. So I made an appointment with Clovis at Conte's for a bike fit. He is a master! I needed my seat lowered just a dab and he moved the position of the cleats on my shoes. And just cause he is a nice guy he noticed that I was reaching a bit for the breaks, so he was able to adjust those so my wee hands don't have to work so hard! Last night was the first ride, post adjustment. While I still have some inflammation in my IT band, it did not feel worse at the end. That is a good sign! I did have trouble all night clipping in, due to the new position of my cleats! Muscle memory has to shift! The Thursday night group ride has grown, it is great. Still not a lot of women, but there were more last night than earlier in the year. I hung back and helped (I hope) to encourage a woman who is a newbie to the ways of the road bike. While I didn't get the full mileage and work out I would have like, I hope that I helped her gain a little more confidence on her new bike! Gotta help out the newbies!!

I am quite please with the progress I have made over this Spring and Summer on the bike. After riding only mountain bikes and hybrids for years, I made the leap to the road bike! The first month was a little awkward, but now this bike feels like second nature. I want to try my hand at a few road races next season! Of course triathlon will always be a part of the routine until I can't do it any more!

Okay Air Conditioner guy just left. Home Inspection repair work. This one was a real joke! For $110 dollars, he moved some pipe insulation that had shifted, thus causing condensation to build up and drip. If I had known what this all was from the inspection report, I could have fixed this! ARGHHH Of course, the inspection report notes that a certified HVAC technician needed to perform the repair! Oh the ways of business!

Moving...... Wow! After looking this past weekend and early this week at so many CRAPPY, GROSS , DISGUSTING and OVERPRICED rentals, I found a clean, nice, pet-friendly, affordable, 2 bedroom and 2 bath condo to rent. YEA! So now I am in packing and downsizing mode. I can start moving in September 11. I don't close on my house until Sept 25th! So hopefully that gives me enough time to weed out all the junk! I am having a blast selling furniture and other things I don't want on Craig's list. Now I have yet to fully unload the attic and the closet under the stairs, but that is coming. A yard sale will be in my future too. If I am not taking it and my ex isn't taking it, it needs to be sold, given away or thrown out! I am not paying to store crap no one wants! It is very cleansing! We accumulated way to much shit over nearly 12 years of marriage and having one child. Way too much.....for what?? Some of the stuff, like power tools and such have a useful purpose, but there is so much that doesn't! We were totally caught up in the over-consumerism trend that so many have been a part of! No more! I am mending my ways!

Okay time to take a shower and get into the office...... Happy training, racing, etc. to all! I need to find an October triathlon or bike event and get my ass back on the training and exercise routine!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

North East 2009 Sprint Triathlon Race Report

So last Sunday, August 16, I completely my second official sprint distance triathlon. I am liking the sprint distance. It fits well with my life as of late - as I can train, work, and take care of my child without too much craziness. While I do have goals of completing longer distance triathlons one day, I am enjoying the sprint.

I was happy with my performance. The weather in Maryland finally turned to the three H's of our normal summer. HAZY, HOT AND HUMID. It was that an more in North East! The water temp was 85, no wetsuits for this race. Thank you CGI Racing for having a practice swim time in the morning! I think that truly alleviated any open water anxiety I would have possibly encountered at race start. The river felt like a bath tub and it was smooth as glass.

The sprint race had 4 waves. As I am in one of the older age groups, I was in the fourth wave wearing our bright pink swim caps. It was a floating start. I did get caught up with a bunch of women at the start. It was tough to get a swim rhythm going as I kept bumping up against feet and bodies. Finally, after the turn I was able to really concentrate on swimming and siting my way back to land. This swim was a breeze compared to the swim I did at the dextro energy race in June. The run back to transition was long, thus I wasn't expecting a short T1 time. I got on the bike and out on the road. I had a bit of trouble getting my heart rate down once I was on the bike and it took a bit for my legs to feel good. It was a smooth, but hilly course. No giant mountain type hills, but plenty of hills. I took full advantage of any downhills to generate extra speed and also try to catch my breath and lower my heart rate. I felt good about the bike, although I do think I need to work on going up hill a bit faster. I would pass the same people going down hill...zooooomm.... and then they would some how pass me on the up hill.... I was poking I guess! It was getting hotter as the bike continued, I was happy that the bike course was fairly shaded. Coming into the dismount, I lost my mind because I unclipped out of both pedals before I stopped. Then I was having trouble trying to stop and dismount. I am so lucky I did not just fall over! There were tons of spectators at this point! I just shouted, " Man I suck at the dismount!" and ungracefully got off my bike and began the run into transition. T2 wasn't too bad. I ran out onto the course and the heat was awful, my legs felt crappy, my heart was pounding. I just did my penguin shuffle. The course was boring. It was an out and back and it was a slow incline going out. It sucked! The volunteers were the best though. They cheered and cajoled! I actually started walking at one point and a volunteer yelled, "Get Moving 361! No walking!" I thanked him as I passed....running once again..... The best part of the run was coming into the finish and my wonderful daughter was on the side lines and ran into the finish with me! That made me so happy! This race had some awards, but no general bling for finishers. I kind of missed getting the medal at the end. It was a well run event and I will probably do it again. Perhaps I'll be up for Olympic distance next year.

750 m swim: 17:15 A new swim PR!
I shaved over 6 minutes off my swim. I think the calmer river helped and not having a panic attack at the start!
T1: 4:27 Nothing stellar, but it was a long jog to go from swim exit to transition and get on bike, etc. Still faster than my lovely 5:18 T1 in June! So I am moving in the right direction.

15.5 mile bike: 1:00:32 (15.4 mph) I was happy with this as it was hilly. It is slower than my June race, but that was a super flat course.

T2: 2:16

5K run: 37:06 (11:59 per mile) Nothing stellar on this run. I ran a bit faster in June, but the course was flatter and it wasn't nearly as hot as this race.

Overall 2:01:34 (June race I was 1:46:55) I will take both! I would like to get all of my sprint races to under the 2 hour mark consistently. But considering how my training went during July , I will take this race and be very happy with it all!

I didn't take any pictures. My daughter did take a couple, but she is away with her camera, thus I don't have any photos to post!

Okay back to the search for pet friendly rental housing that is not is scummy part of town!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Where Michelle Remembers She has a blog....

So blogging in the Summer hasn't been my strong area. In my defense, I have been busy since I returned from Washington and Utah. In that time period, I got my house all spruced up, decluttered, cleaned and put it on the market. On Monday, 2 weeks from when it went on the market, I got a contract on the house. It is contingent on the findings from the home inspection, which was yesterday, and the appraisal. Whew..... I hope it all goes well, because if this sale doesn't go through that means I have to get back to the constant state of clean, since you never know when someone wants to come look at it. What a pain! Especially when you have an elderly Great Dane who can be a bit messy sometimes and a 12 year old who thinks nothing of leave a trail of crap in her wake. I was so happy that she was gone during the first two weeks it was on the market! LOL...

Triathlon training....hmmmm....MY training has been crap! CRAP! I have done some runs, and some bikes and a few swims.. I am glad I am only doing a sprint this Sunday.. Yes-- two days from now.... I hope I can do it! My sleep is a mess on top of it all! The stress of home selling has been weird. The house sale is part of the divorce that has been in process for over 2 years now. [Note to self and others... try not to divorce during economic crisis and housing market collapse].. anyway it brought up all sorts of emotions that I thought I was done dealing with.... ugh.. thus sleep has been quite elusive..
It looks like it may not be a wetsuit legal race since the water temps will be up. I really wanted to try out my new SailFish wetsuit! I guess I will have to wait and try it out in October... Oh yeah... need to find an October tri.... We get all sorts of weird weather in October and tri could be quite interesting then!

I will post a race report !!