Friday, October 30, 2009

Why is it...

that I never seem to get to the blog when I am at home, where I can load the photos from my camera and post them? I do take pictures. I do wish to share. I think some of it stems from sitting in front of a computer at work all day (and work is a bit on the slow side for me these days) thus I have caught up on my blog reading and posting, so I have no desire to do it at night when I am home. I will see if I can change that up a bit. You all need to see that sweet little kitten, Sunday; my big goofy boy, Sampson; and the gorgeous Miss Willow. Yes and of course the places I ride and run.

So, this weekend I am co-leading a hike on Saturday. I hope that the rain stays away for the whole hike. Since it is Halloween I will bring candy to give out to the other hikers. Everybody needs a little candy on Halloween. I am going to wear my $5, newly obtained from Target, ghost t-shirt over my technical tee to provide a little Halloween flair.... or maybe I will wear my skelaton shirt that says Shake your booooooo teee?? hmmmm such choices.

Sunday morning I hope to either get a ride in or get a run in. I have got to get myself back to exercising because my mood has been total crap for the past few days and I know some of that is because I have not been regularly exercising. I was entertaining thoughts of my first triathlon in 2010 to be Olympic distance other morning while I was pondering life in the shower (lots of pondering life thoughts in the shower). I figured my running will be up since I am starting up my half marathon training for Februrary ON SUNDAY!. I will continue to cycle outside unless there is snow and ice or it is crazily below freezing. I will also have a trainer for indoor work (on my to purchase list) .. now if I can just get myself to the pool for really meaningful swim time - the Olympic distance thought really shouldn't be a problem.

Good weekend to all! Let's see if I can manage to post some pictures soon! Maybe even just a post of pictures!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Not much....

I was a slug last week. Only one day in the gym... I did ride on Thursday night, but I was struggling. I wasn't my muscles, but my lungs. I just couldn't get air. Plus all the hard core riders are out on Thursday nights. I struggle to keep up with them on a good day! Fall can be like that for me, aggravating my allergies and asthma symptoms. FUN!

I need to get the motivation train to come by my house and kick my butt! Last Monday, I did see the podiatrist. I had self diagnosed myself correctly. Posterior tibial Tendonitis. I also found out that I have a little extra piece of bone near my navicular bone that can often cause and aggravate this condition. Of course, the doc confirmed that the crappy shoes didn't help! So while he said to take it easy for a bit - he did not say SIT ON YOUR ASS AND DO NOTHING! So, I need to get back out there. It is still tender, but feeling better. Gotta get running so that I am not walking the New Orleans half in February.

While we are still missing Shadow from the household, my daughter and I had a very weak moment over the weekend. I had to go get Sampson's dog food and gee there just happened to be kitties available for adoption.... pictures to come.... she is so tiny and cute. She hisses at Sampson and he looks so hurt! Willow, my other cat, has been a little put off, but was showing some interest this morning. Hopefully all will living happy together.

How about those Marine Corps Marathoners this weekend??? They had an awesome day for the run. I didn't go spectate, but I did follow a friend from Texas who was running via the online tracker. He had a good race.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

RIP Shadow

Shadow (aka Pookies) June 1994 - October 20, 2009.
I don't have picture on this computer. I will try to add one later.
He was a lively, personality filled tuxedo cat. When I used to read out loud to my daughter, Shadow always came to listen too. He accepted all other animals into our household. He liked all people too. He will be missed by all. Last night I found Willow, my other cat, sitting on the dining room buffet looking down at the chair Shadow had taken to being in 24/7 during the last week. I haven't vacuumed it yet, thus is still has his hair, etc. on it. It was a strange moment to see her looking at the chair. It makes you wonder what goes through their little heads when one of their own is no longer around.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sorry no photos - a rather uneventful weekend

Saturday was just disgusting as far as weather goes. The other hike leader and I did go scout and we even hiked in the rain for over an hour. Hey all my rain gear works! Good to know! Thanks REI! I really felt bad for the two weddings that were setting up in the covered pavilions in the park where the hike starts. It wasn't even 40 degrees out and the rain was just steady all day. I bet those vows were all said quickly!
I did bring my camera with me, but because it was raining and foggy you would not have seen much in a photo. We bailed after trudging for while and then checked out the where the bus has to pick up at the end of the short hike and the end of the long hike. Then is was HOME! After a really nice warm shower, I put on my pjs... Mind you it was 3 in the afternoon! LOL... I didn't go anywhere the rest of the day... I only ventured outside one more time to take Sam for his evening stroll and poop - and we were quick for that! I took a nap on the couch during football and then I watch movies that I had seen before on HBO - The Women and the Slumdog Millionaire.
Sunday - I cleaned, and actually hung a few things on the wall in my apartment (finally) and then went to Walmart (YIKES). That place makes me crazy. Picked up my daughter from her Dad and then she and I hung out until her class at 4 pm. Sunday's are like that...
No running or exercising on this front. My foot is still tender. Doc appt is at 2 pm today. I just hope his only answer isn't custom orthotics. I have had custom orthotics before and I have never been happy with them!

Tomorrow is a probably sad day... I think I will be putting my beloved, old Shadow cat to sleep. He has been suffering from some kind of allergy that we cannot seem to figure out and resolve and he is having some neurological issues. He has withdrawn and lost weight, although he still eats. He is scratching always - to the point of open wounds. We have try natural things, steroids, food switches... you name it....He is 15 years old. He has lived a good long life and was a great cat in his day. Awesome personality. It is sad, but he looks like he has had enough. It is always tough to make these choices. I have had to make it one other time with another cat, it was hard then too. My other dog, Trixie, died in her sleep after being ill, so I didn't have to make the choice there. With another elderly pet in the mix, these things are on my mind. Sampson is 10.5 years old. This is ancient for a Great Dane. Thankfully, he is healthy. Although Trixie was too and then it all fell apart for her in the span of a few weeks. My furry friends...

Okay, lets see if I can be productive at work today.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brrrr...... and OUCH!

It is October! It is 45 degrees today. That is pretty chilly for a day time high in the 'burbs of Washington DC for October. And it isn't going away for the next few days. To top it off it is raining off and on. I can deal with cold and snow, but I truly hate a cold rain!

Here is my joy for this weekend from weather channel's website
Daily Details for Cascade, MD (21719)
Rain / Snow Showers
High38°F Precip60%
Wind: From NNW at 10 mph

Did you catch that word SNOW?!!? Again, it is OCTOBER! I am scouting a hike Saturday for the hike I am leading on Halloween. This is our starting point town. It is going to be COLD and WET! YUCK... I'm not ready for gloves, hats, and thermal layers. I will try to remember to take pictures and then actually post them for all your viewing pleasure. I'm sure the leaves are lovely up here. A good part of this hike is on the Applachian Trail. Let's hope the actually club hike day enjoys better weather.

Working out and running.... Not so much this week. I did strength work on Tuesday morning and again this morning. I also did intervals on the stairmaster for 20 minutes this morning. I gave my foot a rest this week. It turns out that my arch pain - is a tendonitis (I think Posterior Tibial Tendonitis- to be truly diagnosed next week). I have been icing, taking anti-inflammatories, stretching my calves, and working on some myofacial release to get at this tendon that runs behind the calf muscle and into the foot and making sure that I have my foot well supported at all times. I was in so much pain on Tuesday that it just hurt to walk - even in my running shoes. YIKES! Today, it feels so much better. NO MORE NON SUPPORTIVE - but very cute and chic - summer sandals for me! I know that is what has aggravated this and I should have known better.... being a slight fashonista got the best of me! It has been nagging for a bit and just got really bad over the past couple of weeks. Ignoring obviously was not the answer...duh..

Monday, October 12, 2009

A weekend fail!

Okay I was a big, lazy this weekend.... Saturday morning I intended to ride...I got up it was cloudy, looked like rain... I totally bailed...I did end up emptying some boxes in the apartment and doing laundry, so at least I was productive with house activities on Saturday. Sunday, I got up felt kind of achy and crappy. So morning run was out. Then as I got going during the day, I thought well I will run while daughter is in her class this afternoon. ha ha ha ha .... FAIL! Oh well.... there is this week....

I hope all that were busy this weekend with rides and races and training were much more productive than I !

Friday, October 9, 2009

I got my 3 miles in...

Last nites run at Fleet Feet was good and well attended. I had not done one of their Thursday night fun runs. Last night's was also sponsored by Mizuno. You could try Mizuno shoes if you wanted and they provide us with some beer and pizza after our run. YUM! I ran with two women who kept a similar pace and we had good conversation the whole run. I like that - a little exercise and little social time, meeting new people. Its all good.
New Balance 1224 - I was happy running in these. I haven't run outside in several weeks and I felt good and stable in these shoes. Knees, shins and ankles all felt good. I think I made a good purchase. I also wore my SKINS compression pants last night. I won these in a raffle drawing a few weeks back at women's cycling event I attended. LOVE THEM!

Okay it is Friday! I hope to get about 25 miles in on the bike on Saturday morning and then I am scheduled for a 4 mile run on Sunday.

I am truly bummed that I can't take the Carl Burke swimming stroke clinic offered up for triathletes that starts thisSunday. It starts at 6 and my daughter gets out of class at 6 -by the time I would get to the pull the clinic would be over! Hopefully there will be another opportunity! I need to get some pool time in over the Fall and Winter to be ready for next years tri-season!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cycling and Running

My cycling weekend in Amish and Mennonite Country was wonderful. I did the 49 mile ride option on Saturday. Lovely rolling hills through the farmland. I marvelled at the beautiful farms and yards that were every where. I think there are some parts to simple living that the Amish and Mennonite have that are spot on! The ride was great and Gina (my bike) and I had a great time. I didn't ride on Sunday due to 1. wine headache from too much wine on Saturday night and 2. I had a time constraint to get home and going out for 20 miles just didn't seem worth it. So I hit a couple outlet mall stores on the way out of Lancaster County and went home!

On the running front... I haven't done anything stellar, but I did buy new running shoes last night! I bought New Balance 1224 - Here is a review from someone else. I bought them at Fleet Feet. I was overdue for new shoes. My old shoes (now relegated to dog walking) were Brooks don't remember the model. I almost bought the same model of Brooks that I have, but I really liked the cushion and extra stability that the New Balance provide. I need that! To benefit my purchase I had $25 in frequent buyer coupons to use and I was the the monthly winner for the spot and win car magnet contest (my picture is on their website YIKES) . I knew one day having all those silly stickers and magnets on the back of my van would pay off! LOL So another $15 towards my Cadillac of running shoes. I also use super feet in my running shoes and my other pair were over 2 years old, so I bought new super feet. And then 3/4 length super feet for my casual flat shoes, cause my arches have been complaining when I haven't been wearing supportive footwear. The price for fashion and too many years on my feet.... I have them in my loafers today and no complaints from my arches! YIPEE! Tonight will be my first real run in the new shoes. I will post what I think!

Normally, Thursday evenings are dedicated to cycling with the bike shop, but I need to get a run in and Fleet Feet has a Thursday night run. So I am doing the run tonight. I think I may alternate my Thursdays during fall and winter, weather permitting, one week bike shop ride, one week running store run. Bike shop ride we ride a good bit in the dark since the sun sets earlier now. I recently put lights on Gina. We rode last Thursday. Riding in the dark and in some traffic was a little unnerving, but fun! I did get the bike handling award last week for managing not to crash and get back out on the road when it narrowed and I didn't notice. I was off on the grass/dirt shoulder in an instant, but I managed to put myself back on the road without crashing, stopping, or flatting out. Not such a big feat on a mountain or hybrid bike, but on a road bike going about 16 mph in the dark, I was impressed with myself!

Exercise totals so far this week: LAME! One day of strength training in at gym. Love those pikes with push ups on the exercise ball. 1 mile on treadmill.

Tonight I hope to get in 3 miles.