Monday, February 22, 2010

Checking in...

Knitting - it is happening, but I doubt that I will finish both projects by this Sunday.
Work - Has been busy. This is a very good thing!
Training - 2/14 3200m swim, 2/15 strength and core, 2/16 some treadmill and elliptical it was a lame ass work out - I was having a pants staying up issue -drawstring missing, they are too big and were not staying up very well, 2/17 20 min hill work on exercise bike, strength and core, 2/18 nada or I don't remember so I am thinking it was nada, 2/19 strong interval run on treadmill, core. 2/20 nada - had child stuff going on - see the next day 2/21 nada - missed swim practice as I had 6 teenagers sleeping in my living room.

I also attended a singles event in the hopes of sparking some life into my social life.... it was lame! I will keep trying.... ugh...

This week...I hope I can get in the pool at least once before Sunday 2/28. We'll see. I want to also get on the compu-trainer with the bike. I miss my bike! The standard strength training, core work and treadmill runs will happen.

I know this is a dead dull post!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Knitting and the Olympics

When I am not doing my activities related to triathlon, hiking, running, etc, my parental duties, or any socializing, I am usually knitting or reading in my down time or tv watching time (or ignoring my house chores time). I have been knitting since I was 10. It is just something I do, a part of who I am. In the crazy knit blogging world we have a Knitting Olympics during the Winter Olympics. This year I am taking the plunge and joining in on the fun. Here is the pledge: from the Yarn Harlot's blog

The Knitting Olympics Athletes Pledge I, a knitter of able hands and quick wits, to hereby swear that over the course of these Olympics I will uphold the highest standard of knitterly excellence.I will be deft of hand and sure of pattern, I will overcome troubles of yarn overs and misplaced decreases. I will use the gifts of intelligence and persistence (as well as caffeine and chocolate) and I will execute my art to the highest form, carrying with me the hope for excellence known to every knitter.I strive to win. To do my best, and to approach the needles with my own best effort in mind, without comparing myself to my fellow knitters, for they have challenges unique to them.While I engage in this pursuit of excellence and my own personal,
individual best, I also swear that I will continue to engage with my family in conversation, care for my pets, speak kindly with those who would ask me to do something other than knit, and above all, above every stitch thrown or picked, above every cable, every heel stitch, every change of colour, I swear this: That I will remember that this is not the real Olympics, that I'm supposed to be having fun and that my happiness and self-worth ride not on my success....but on my trying.Let the games begin!

So what will I be knitting???? Well for the Olympics you must be
starting something new as of the torch being lit. So I will either knit
this vest in a blue yarn that I have or these socks in a crazy multicolored yarn that I have. Also while I
am working on the new item and trying to get it done in 17 days, I will be
working to finish my
current project in the same time frame. I have
the back and one front done of the Nantucket jacket, so another front and 2
sleeves to go! I will take some pictures of all of it. Knitting fun

On the exercise/training front.... shoveling snow.... snow ball fight with my daughter and we had a nice walk through DEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP snow that was fun and then a walk to the grocery store (we just had to get out of the apartment). I did some stuff with the Wii fit and I did some yoga and stability ball stuff too. Today I am back at work, so I am going to the fitness center this evening. I hope to get a run of substance on the treadmill. SUNDAY I hope to get to swim practice. FINALLY... It has been 2 weeks since I swam last. I hope to get back to normal routine soon!

Happy Weekend to All!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Shadow art of me and Sampson
The tree behind my apartment

My van is in there!

The road at the front of my community

We have somewhere near 30" of snow here. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. It is absolutely gorgeous though. This morning, while still below freezing, the sun is out, the sky is blue, the snow is sparkling. It was a wet, heavy snow when it came down. It is a bit lighter on top now since it got so cold last night. Under the snow there is a good crust of frozen slush since the temperatures had been above freezing before it started. FUN! In some ways yes, in other ways no! The GO MDGIRL GO van will not be going anywhere until it is dug out! There is my work out for today. I do love how the snow brings people outside and all seem to be feeling social. I have met new neighbors in the past couple days because of the snow. Yesterday, I met a nice couple with children from Russia. The kids wanted to pet Sampson. This morning, I met a woman from Serbia who was out walking and taking pictures. My community is very international! I have a Nigerian family across the hall from me too!
Okay time for some breakfast and then it will be time to dig the van out while the sun is shining. Then I will have to do my prep for SUPER BOWL - well.... not much prep to sit at home and watch it by yourself, but I will make fresh guacamole! And while I am very happy that the New Orleans Saints made it to the Super Bowl -I did cheer them on this season, as my Redskins were just awful, but now the Saints are playing my boy Peyton so I have to say.....

Those University of Tennessee ties run deep.....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

ummmm I think it is going to SNOW!

Below was emailed to me from the county:

Major winter storm comparable to the Dec19th event now imminent for the region. Winter storm preparations should be rushed to completion.[I LOVE THIS LINE! Hurry get your bread, milk and toilet paper!!]

16-24" of snow possible for Montgomery County with near Blizzard conditions likely
Saturday. Event onset is around noon tomorrow with several inches expected
by the Friday Afternoon rush hours. Travel may become extremely difficult if
not impossible Friday evening through Saturday. The National Weather Service has upgraded the Winter Storm Watch to a WINTER STORM WARNING. This Warning is effective until 10PM Saturday. A WINTER STORM WARNING means that significant amounts of snow, sleet, or freezing rain are expected or are occurring in the warned area. Significant amounts of freezing rain are possible as this storm passes. Travel disruptions within the County and region are likely as roads quickly become snow covered and icy. Caution should be used during any travel and please remain alert for ongoing plow/salt operations. Deteriorating weather conditions are now imminent in the next
24hrs .

I guess I better get my outdoor run in tonight. It is 37 and sunny right now. I already hit the grocery store and that crazy place COSTCO yesterday....I really did need toilet paper, I was down to my last roll! Now I have toilet paper and paper towels until Summer! LOL I am sure the grocery stores will be insane the rest of today.

In addition to reading, knitting and copius tv watching. I am planning on doing some baking this weekend. I am testing out a couple chocolate cake recipes and a raisin shortbread. The cakes are for my daughter's 13th Birthday on Monday...testing to see which she would like for her upcoming party with friends and to surprise her Monday when she comes from being with her Dad. The shortbread is to see if it is close to a yummy raisin cookie thing that I LOVED as a child that is no longer produced.

Good news! I have lost 6 lbs since the beginning of the year! Something is working! I will try to keep my cake sampling and just generally boredom eating down during the apocalyptic snow storm this weekend.

Stay warm and dry! And to all that have races or events this weekend ENJOY!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Olympic Distance Here I Come!

Sunday, I signed up for my first Olympic Distance triathlon. The Washington DC Triathlon right here in lovely Washington DC, June 20, 2010. Of course, this means another lovely swim in the Potomac and this one will be longer than my last..... hmmm... Can we hope that we don't have torrential thunderstorms in the days leading up to the event? The debris factor in the river is high when it rains so much as well as a whole host of crap you would rather not swim in due to run off. A new distance and I will be in a new age group this time! Woot!

While I did want to do the Rev3 Tri in Knoxville, TN in May, the hills on that bike course just freaked me out. I didn't think that would necessarily be a good thing for me to do my first time moving up to Olympic distance.

I have continued to be consistent in my workouts (other that my weekend set back - see below). I ran last Thursday with the lovely folks at Fleet Feet Gaithersburg and ran at a faster pace ~11 min/mile ( that used to be an all out race pace for me not so long ago, not a training run!). I am getting to be a stronger runner! I like this! Friday evening, I had a happy hour date with the compu-trainer at the bike shop (Contes in Bethesda). I did 15 miles in a little more than an hour on a rolling hill course. My legs and butt were dying after being on the saddle for that long on the trainer, but it felt good overall! While I thought after a good run on Thursday and a strong trainer ride on Friday that my legs would be toast on Saturday, they were not. This is also a good thing! My stomach was toast on Saturday for some reason.... I was in bed all day barely able to keep water down. YUCK! Sunday I felt much better, but I did not go to swim practice since I had had basically no nutrition the day before.

This weeks schedule
Monday - strength train and core (on my own yesterday didn't make the core class)
Tuesday - Treadmill intervals (I am liking the run/ squat combo - I am doing half mile hard run, then 50 squats - I try to get to 2 miles total run and 200 total squats.) And a good stretch at the stretching class
Wednesday - strength train and core class day
Thursday - Run day - may get split into a ~2 mile run at lunch and then ~3 mile run in evening -since a long run day has been hard to get with the weather.
Friday - Light strength and core class at lunch, bike compu-trainer and/or an hour swim in the evening.
They are calling for crappy weather again for our weekend, so I am not likely to get a long run in on Saturday and swim maybe iffy for Sunday depending upon what the weather does.

Back to the desk job!