Monday, December 28, 2009

Time to get moving Slugo!

I have not done a single run or work in over a week! UGH! The snow has finally melted, thus I should be able to run outside again. I have avoided the gym completely. LAZY!! So this week, I will get back to it. NO excuses!

I did enjoy spending time with my parents and the rest of my family. It was good to see everyone. I wish that I was off this week, but alas I am in my office. It is very quiet around here that is for sure!

EDITED TO ADD: Signed up today for Masters Swim for one day a week. Get my arse in the pool! Good deal too; only $90 for one day a week from now until April 17th. I also checked into the compu-trainer cost at my local bike shop - only $10 bucks. I can't decide whether or not buying a trainer would be good or just going there on occasion. I am geared for cold weather riding now, so unless it is icy and really windy (like today), I should get outside mostly. I am putting my slow work day to use for my training plans!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


That was all I could say about the 20" of snow that fell near my house. WOW! Sampson and I enjoyed a few walks. I did take some photos and I will add them to this post later. I am typing from my office thus no photos to upload. You know that you have a lot of snow when it is almost hitting your Great Dane's belly! My boy has some long legs and this now was just shy of hitting is belly. It was a beautiful fluffy and sparkly snow when it first fell. Now is it pretty where it hasn't been touch and just an ugly mess everywhere else!

No running, cycling, swimming, or working out of any sort to be reported - although I guess shoveling a mini van covered in 20 inches of snow could be considered a workout!

Tonight my parents arrive to stay with me and my daughter for Christmas. FUN! Let's hope that my Dad is in a jovial mood.
I will check back in again next week! Celebrate!
10 days to 2010!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The snow is coming! The snow is coming!

Whew....the news people now have something else to talk about rather than the Sampson and Sunday scandal, Tiger Woods and the resignation of Vinny at the Redskins front office. SNOW! Historic Snow Storm according to some reports. I love SNOW! I like to be outside when it is falling, no cars driving....the world sounds differently when there is a blanket of snow on the ground. Sampson and I will have some good walks this weekend! I am in the 8-16"+ band.

I have had one crazy week. Work was busy. My daughter was in tech week for her play, which means three hour rehearsals each night.....- TONIGHT IS OPENING NIGHT! I am excited! The only bummer about the major snow storm that is predicted to hit late tonight is that it may cause the Saturday show to cancel. These kids, and their families, along with Imagination Stage have managed to sell out both nights in the ~800 seat theater. This is a student production of kids about 10-14 years of old. Truly awesome. Normally the student productions are in the smaller theater, but since this is the 30th anniversary ensemble they are in the larger theater where the professional productions are held. I hope that the region doesn't totally shut down.... except for when it comes to Monday and Tuesday next week, then I wouldn't have to go to work! LOL! I am off 23rd and 24th.

I did get one excellent run on the books this week. Wednesday night I ran for about an hour in the lovely 36 degree evening. I had fun looking at the lights on the houses. I have no idea how far I ran, but I just ran until I felt like stopping. It was lovely. With snow on the ground, it looks like the tread mill will have to be my running partner in the coming days. YUCK!

Happy Weekends All!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Scandal Rocks the Maryland Girl Household!!

"It was happening right under my nose. I had no idea that this was going on."

Saturday afternoon after a fun three hours or so of working on work at home (my favorite! NOT!), Maryland Girl goes to the living room to discover that Sampson and Sunday were SLEEPING TOGETHER!
Of course this news story is to distract all of you from the fact that I have been a slug lately. Saturday was the nice day of the weekend, I didn't go run. I said, I will go to the Jingle Bell Jog 8K on Sunday. Well, Sunday came around. I got up, it was hovering around freezing and raining outside. Somehow coffee, the couch and the fireplace seemed like a good option! I will pay for it this week!
This is a busy week in my household. My daughter is in tech week for the production of Mulan, Jr. The stage production of Disney's Mulan movie. Three hour rehearsals Monday through Thursday and the Friday and Saturday is showtime! This is a 30th Anniversary Student Ensemble for Imagination Stage - an awesome theater and educational facility in the Washington DC region. Due to the lovely traffic in our region, once I am down to the theater for her rehearsal, I am stuck down that way. Time to get creative with how to spend three hours! Working out or running will probably hit the circuit.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How did it become December 9th?

So. Wow. We are in December. My daughter was sick last week (FLU!). Even though I was at home with her, I wasn't on the computer much and didn't post. I did get a 4 mile run in one morning and multitasked it with a stop at CVS to get her some OTC drugs. :) Go MOM! I haven't been to the gym at all for my regular stuff. We had snow on Saturday thus running outside has been hindered by snow and icy, poorly cleared sidewalks and such. I did go to the work fitness center on Monday and did a 30 minute running gig on the treadmill. I can't handle more than that on the treadmill. ugh It is Wednesday. Somehow I am thinking nothing exercise related is going to happen today. After some time of nothing to do at work, I got busy this week. FEAST or FAMINE here - seriously. It has been wierd in my building lately, as they have been laying people off. A project has had its scope severely crushed and there had been some rampant over hiring, but it is still YUCKY. Doesn't give you the warm, fuzzy feeling that the December Holiday month should be giving. While I don't think I am at a huge risk at the moment, I am still concerned. (note to self perhaps you should put a resume together!)

Court tomorrow for the 10 minute hearing. All those years and it all comes down to some pieces of paper and a 10 minute visit before the judge. Hmmm... I am looking forward to going back to my birth name (I hate the term maiden name so archaic!) Looking back at 2009, I accomplished all the goals that I set out to accomplish except for one. Not bad! And the one I didn't accomplish was only because I couldn't seem to find an event that fit on my schedule! The goals were: Do another triathlon (did 2 sprint distance events), sell townhouse, get final divorce, and do a century. Final divorce will be tomorrow. The Century is the only thing I didn't do - now I DID do almost a century over a weekend - 60 miles day 1, 30 miles day 2 and I did a couple other 50 mile or so rides - so it was almost accomplished. I guess I will have to think of what my 2010 goals will be. We already know that another half marathon is on the list. And I am thinking of doing Olympic distance tris in 2010. And, of course, a century and specifically I want to do the Seagull Century on the Eastern shore of Maryland. So I guess I have a start of a list!
Okay... back to reading a really boring draft manual. I am feeling bloaty and really don't want to go weigh in at the holiday weight maintenance challenge today, but I have too.... ugh....