Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Wednesday with Words

My scale read 4 pounds lighter this morning. I must be doing something right this month! YIPEE! I will continue!
Since I finally resolved to be consistent and regular with my exercise after a sporadic first few weeks of January, I have worked out everyday for since Saturday Jan 23. I have hit the fitness center at lunch every day this week. I went to core conditioning class on Monday and today. Both times an excellent 15 minutes. Today at the end of class, I was doing pikes on the swiss ball. Jeremy, one of the trainers, brings over the Bosu ball and challenges me to do pushups with my feet on the swiss ball and hands on the flipped over bosu ball. I managed to get into plank position with out falling over, but could not get balanced enough to do a pushup. I now have a new challenge to conquer!
As I was heading into the locker room, I got pulled in to be in a video for the corporate website showing our fitness center. They put 3 of us on elliptical machines and video taped us while on the machines. I am fearful to see what this will end up looking like! LOL...


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I got tagged -10 things that make me happy

I have never been tagged before! So here is a first! Thanks to Big Daddy Diesel.

10 things that make me happy.

1. My daughter. 90% of the time she is a great kid and I enjoy her company. I hope to still be saying this as we venture solidly into the teen years in a couple of weeks.

2. My animals. Sampson, Willow and Sunday. Sampson is such a wonderful, big, lug of a dog. He is the best! He will be 11 in April - which is ancient for a Great Dane, so I celebrate every day with him. Doggie Joe Joes for all! :) Willow has finally come out of mourning (our cat, Shadow, died in October and I truly think she was in mourning) and is her lovely self again, interacting with all of us and she is enjoying the bundle of fun that is Sunday. Sunday is a crazy kitten and she is just what we all needed after the long battle of Shadow's decline. Sunday is a chatty girl and is so loving, sweet, and full of personality. She is a nice balance to Willow's mellow.

3. Knitting. It is my meditation. The feel of the wool (or other fiber) and the rhythm of creating the stitches and then ending up with a finished piece. Of course there are those times when it is not so meditative... but we won't focus on that here!

4. Days when I don't have anything scheduled or planned.

5. Triathlon and all the craziness that comes with training for one of any distance.

6. My bike, Orangina (gina for short)....I am so happy I bought it last year.

7. Ferrero Rondnoir - this is the best crunchy, dark chocolate, wonderment ever! Found it on sale at the grocery store this week too! WOOT! 2 boxes for $ to keep them away from that person in #1.

8. Haribo Gold Baren (gummi bears) Haribo macht kinder froh und ewachsene ebenso! Best tag line ever - especially since I have remembered it all these years and in German! Got to put that BA to use somewhere. I am a fan of almost all things gummi, but these bears are my top favorite and they make me quite happy!

9. My friends and family

10. Creme Caramel or Creme Brulee - very similar but yet slightly different versions of the same dessert. YUMMY!

Notice my penchant for sweets? hmmmm Of course now that I have waxed fondly about Haribo Gold Baren I have an intense craving for these.

I am supposed to tag others I do believe..... I will tag three....

Not Born to Run



Monday, January 25, 2010

Chugging along

I am starting to feel like I am getting into a rhythm with my training/workouts. Although last week was a bit sporatic. I did do run/squat combo on Tuesday last week. Ran 1 mile at a decent pace for slow poke me, then did 50 squats, ran another mile, did 50 squats. Then I did an additonal 15 minute on the treadmill mixing steep inclines with flat sideways walking (doing both sides). I was sore for three days after this! Thanks to Shannon for posting this workout idea.

I did not get on the compu-trainer last week, but I am calling today to schedule a session. Or if the weather keeps nice I may actually get outside on the bike. Need to start getting some serious outside hill training under my belt....or the bike leg of REV 3 tri in Knoxville in May will kill me.

This past Saturday was a nice weather day. I got out and ran 4 easy miles. It was in short sleeves and capri tights. No gloves, no fleece hat over my ears. I hadn't run outside since mid-December! This was great!

Sunday morning I was up early for 8 am swim practice. 2 hours! I am starting to feel like I am getting my swim self back. I actually pushed myself a little harder on sets this week. Other weeks I was worried I wouldn't be able to make it through the entire 2 hours. I am feeling more confident now. The people (mostly other women) that are in the lane with me are very nice and several are also triathletes. I might actually find more women to ride with out of this.

My goals for the rest of this week: Get the strength training and core work in Mon (this is my light/rest day)-Wed-Fri. Run/squat combo on Tuesday. Thursday tempo run ~3 miles. Friday computrainer. Saturday 5 mile run. AND ALL WEEK WATCH WHAT I PUT IN MY MOUTH! I am looking at cleaner eating and keeping my calories to 1400-1600. Got some pudge to remove and it is so damn hard in your 40s!


Edited to add: I went to the core class at the fitness center after my "light" work out at lunch - mostly weights and 15 minutes of cardio warmup. Jeremy the trainer who led this class - kicked my core! I will going back to this one!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm here!

Let's see. I had a cold from January 4th until January 10th or 11th. I felt like absolute crap. I did get a few treadmill runs in, but overall not much was done during that time. I have started using the fitness center at work. Trying to go at lunch, but that doesn't always happen - thus after work for the other times.

Last week I went and did the compu-trainer at the bike shop. I liked it. It kicked my butt! There were three others there riding that day. They were all faster than moi. It made me work harder, which I need. I will go back for more compu-trainer time and hopefully I will be able to get outside on the bike too. Winter weather oddities, lack of day light and CRAZY metro area drivers make me a bit leery about being on the roads right now. The potholes around here could swallow me whole on my bike.

Since I was snot free this past weekend, I went back to Master's swim practice. 2 hours of swimming on a Sunday morning in the best! I was really tired yesterday (Monday) - so now I am thinking that Monday may become my rest or low workout day with the remaining days being the combination of run,cycle, strength and core training and the Sunday swim. Since I should being doing my long runs on Saturday and then 2 hours of swimming on Sunday, I think that may make more sense. I try it this week.

New Orleans half marathon update. I don't think this is going to happen for me this year. Due to financial issues, job insecurities and a major car repair I just funded (ugh), going to NO to run is out. I am sad as it is on my bday, but I will find some fun around here. I did look for a closer race in Feb or March, but alas they are either sold out or have cut off times that I have not met yet.

I do need to start look at tris that I want to do and I hope that they are still open for registration. I think I may do the REV3 race in Knoxville in May. Although the bike course is a bit hilly.
Again, with the current job insecurity situation I am reluctant to spend $$ on a race at the moment and especially an out of town race.

My company has been doing some "staff alterations". Some gone, some asked to go part time. It doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. I am trying to be proactive about this too, but the market is not great for that either! UGH!

Okay off to the fitness center to run off some stress!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Earthquake Help

I think the Doctor's Without Borders is an awesome organization. Please consider contributing today. Every dollar is helpful and you will know that your dollars are going to a legitimate and worth while organization.
Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sore Arms and Shoulders!

I went to my first master's swim work out yesterday. 2 hours! My arms and shoulders hurt. It was a good workout though. This should definitely help my swim come tri season.

Last week I planned out my workout schedule through February. I hope I can keep to it! Basically a 6 day a week plan, mostly focused on running since I have a half marathon the end of February, but I did pencil in some cycling time and of course my swim on Sundays.

Happy New Year to all! I am hoping that 2010 will be a good one!

Off to finish my packing for my office move....My company exists in several offices on our "campus". I am moving back to a building I was in before. I think I have had an office in all of the building we are in except for one. :) Today's exciting discovery while packing was mice feces in my desk drawer and chewed up paper and pee spots. YUCKY! I had those clorax wipes out in a flash!