Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Consistent pace?

Why are my running numbers all over the place? I cannot seem to keep a consistent pace rolling when running. Now I do live in an area that is filled with rolling hills, thus where ever I run outside (unless it is on a track) it is constantly changing. I feel like my run pace has just been crap lately. For my long runs, my LSD pace should be 12 to 12:30 min/mile. During last Saturday's run I was all over the place - 9:43 min /mile at some point and then the low point (that last really crappy mile) was 15 min/mile - I think I walked a good bit of that one. And in the end I was off of the 12 to 12:30 min/mile pace overall. Ugh. Need to work on this. I will discuss this with my coach this week. We are scheduled to chat.

I have 16 on the schedule this week - and coach is mandating NO IPOD - just run what your legs want to do. Uh oh. I am not sure where I am going to fit it in. I am co-leading a hike on Saturday and sadly I am secretly hoping it gets cancelled so that I can do my long run on Saturday. If not I may be up early on Friday morning plodding out 16 miles before work. YIKES. I will definitely only being doing the short hike on Saturday if that is the case. Signed up to co-lead back in the Spring before fully realizing that I would be in the middle of marathon training. DOH!

Sunday I am volunteering at the IronGirl Tri in Columbia. My tri club wanted to set up a tent as we have members who are racing. It will be fun to cheer for everyone. This is one of those races that fills up the moment it opens for registration, so I missed the boat to race it this year.


  1. I hear ya on the hills. It doesn't seem to matter what pace I run my main set. My overall pace is always between 10:00 - 10:30 a mile. geez! Have fun this weekend!

  2. I can't keep a consistent pace either. Many times my long run overall average it at the right pace target, but most of my running is over or under target, so I really never hit my pace at all

  3. My pace is inconsistent when I run hills in my neighborhood, and that's where I usually run!

    Have fun volunteering!

  4. When I ran roads I could keep a pretty consistant pace, but I have no idea why. Now on trails, it's a whole different story. Anywhere from 6.5 minute to 15 minute miles. LOL ;)