Thursday, October 14, 2010

17 Days.....

I am almost to my taper time. I have an 18 miler this Sunday and then it will be the taper coasting to the Oct 31. My goals for my runs over this week and going into race day is working on steady consistency in pace and NOT going out too fast. Starting slow and ramping up into the groove.
I have been nursing some quad and hip pain on the right side since the half marathon run a couple weeks ago. I also thought I had a kidney issue going on - turned out to be a muscle that was acting out. I am now feeling much better. Last night I ran a little more than 5 miles. It was to be an easy run. After running nearly mile with no socks to the run store (forgot to pack socks!), and then getting going I was feeling good. I could have kept running, but I am sticking to the coach's plan, that is why I have him.

Work is busy still and my world has been eaten alive by marathon training. Looking forward to race day and November being a more relaxing month.

I was so inspired watching Kona Ironman last Saturday. Not signing up for any ironman or half ironman at this point, but a 70.3 is on my list of things to do - just not sure when yet.

Enjoy your training and your racing!


  1. I scream, you scream, we all scream TAPER!!!! or this that ice cream, I dont remember

  2. Stick to the plan and take it nice and easy!

    I didn't see you out there on the 1/2 full--how did it go? What did you think of the course?

  3. A 70.3, huh? That will be awesome. Some day I would like to be one. I may be getting back in the water in a couple of weeks so maybe I will get my tri bug back. ;)