Friday, September 25, 2009


So as SouthBayGirl had put in my comments - why not the Mardi Gras half marathon in February as an event to train and plan for??? I looked it up. It is on my Birthday! I think that sounds like an awesome plan to usher in 45. I can have a bit o' fun in the Big Easy and run (if you can call my shuffle a run) a half marathon! I even have a voucher from Southwest Airlines that I need to use before May 2010 to cover my airfare! I think this is a hands down winner of an idea! I even printed out my Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training program sheet this morning in order to get me thinking about my training needs. I hate running until I get into it and settle into a pace. I think this will work well with my trim down and strengthen plan.


  1. Sounds totally fun! I love NOLA. I can't wait to make some money and be able to do destination races again! Maybe 2011? Good luck!

  2. On your birthday, and you have free air? Dude, you HAVE to do it!!!

  3. ok lets do it!!! Jenzenator lives in new orleans and is running could be a great b-day celebration!!!