Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Getting back into the routine

I finally went to the gym this morning. I don't remember exactly when I went last! Pretty bad for a person that is pretty good about the morning routine! I guess with school starting for child and such I am needing to get back into the routine! My move won't disrupt the routine too much either! YIPEE!
I have been looking for a fall triathlon nearby, but have not had much success, so I am focusing on Fall cycling events. Although I will still get some run and pool time in to keep those in shape. This weekend I have decided to do a 50 mile route being offered at the Bay Country Century which starts in Ownings Mills, Maryland. A lovely ride on the Chesapeake Bay's western shore. My brother is going to join me and I think I may have recruited a few others to join in the fun.

At the gym this morning, I left plenty of time after my regular stretching to meet with the foam roller. My IT band is a happy camper today. Rest and a foam roller are amazing! I will make sure t0 regularly schedule some foam roller time each week. Now that the IT band is feeling much better, I am hoping that I will be able to tell if my recent bike adjustments have made a difference!
Moving day is now 10 days away! Wow! Even though this move signifies an ending it is also so much a new beginning! I know I am only moving up the road, but I am very excited!

I had a full physical yesterday. Dr.'s report: Excellent health! Keep up the good work, but you really should lose about 10 lbs (more if you can). UGH! I know this! I am trying! So my Fall to Winter goals: strength and weight loss. As the colder weather comes, I will start to focus less on the triathlon training plan, but still maintain my toes in the water. Hopefully, I will get some of the pounds off and then towards the end of Winter I can start ramping up the tri-training for the Spring and Summer season - - as a lighter athlete - -2010 I go into a new age grouping, perhaps that will be good!


  1. i think all Dr's say we have to lose 10lbs!! I'm sure I do as well.....it's just not as easy as it was when we were 20!!

  2. I'm doing the Seagull Century in Maryland in October, I think they offer a Metric distance.

    Getting your move over with and your kid back in school will definitely help in establishing a better gym routine. :)

  3. I don't know your weight loss/gain habits but be thankful the doctor said 10 pounds instead of 100. Somem people would be thrilled if they ONLY had to lose 10 pounds, right? I bitch and moan about three pounds, so I am just as guilty. ;)

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with the foam roller. I hate it while I'm on it (hurts like a beeeyotch) but love it right after.

    Sounds like a great winter plan!

  5. I can't imagine why you haven't been at the gym - you've only been sorting, purging, and moving! Yay you for the move, for getting back to the gym, and for getting those bike miles in. Peace!