Monday, December 14, 2009

Scandal Rocks the Maryland Girl Household!!

"It was happening right under my nose. I had no idea that this was going on."

Saturday afternoon after a fun three hours or so of working on work at home (my favorite! NOT!), Maryland Girl goes to the living room to discover that Sampson and Sunday were SLEEPING TOGETHER!
Of course this news story is to distract all of you from the fact that I have been a slug lately. Saturday was the nice day of the weekend, I didn't go run. I said, I will go to the Jingle Bell Jog 8K on Sunday. Well, Sunday came around. I got up, it was hovering around freezing and raining outside. Somehow coffee, the couch and the fireplace seemed like a good option! I will pay for it this week!
This is a busy week in my household. My daughter is in tech week for the production of Mulan, Jr. The stage production of Disney's Mulan movie. Three hour rehearsals Monday through Thursday and the Friday and Saturday is showtime! This is a 30th Anniversary Student Ensemble for Imagination Stage - an awesome theater and educational facility in the Washington DC region. Due to the lovely traffic in our region, once I am down to the theater for her rehearsal, I am stuck down that way. Time to get creative with how to spend three hours! Working out or running will probably hit the circuit.


  1. i've been a slug too. something about the short days, i think

  2. I AM SHOCKED!!!! Never saw this coming!! Is there going to be an official statement by either party?

  3. CAUGHT!!!! ha ha!!!

    You didn't run in the 8k? in the rain? heavenly conditions? you could have this sunshine that we have!!!

  4. Cute!

    My critters only hang out together when it's either super cold and they huddle around the floor heater, or when it's super hot, and they're sprawled out on the ceramic tile floor near a fan.

    I think they pretend to not get along when we look. LOL...

  5. How sweet! My daughter's dog, Bella lives with five cats and she has many pictures of them CUDDLING while they sleep. It's the cutest thing, isn't it? They probably do it all the time when you're not home. LOL