Tuesday, December 22, 2009


That was all I could say about the 20" of snow that fell near my house. WOW! Sampson and I enjoyed a few walks. I did take some photos and I will add them to this post later. I am typing from my office thus no photos to upload. You know that you have a lot of snow when it is almost hitting your Great Dane's belly! My boy has some long legs and this now was just shy of hitting is belly. It was a beautiful fluffy and sparkly snow when it first fell. Now is it pretty where it hasn't been touch and just an ugly mess everywhere else!

No running, cycling, swimming, or working out of any sort to be reported - although I guess shoveling a mini van covered in 20 inches of snow could be considered a workout!

Tonight my parents arrive to stay with me and my daughter for Christmas. FUN! Let's hope that my Dad is in a jovial mood.
I will check back in again next week! Celebrate!
10 days to 2010!


  1. yes, shoveling that snow is cross training!

  2. i hope you are still having fun in the snow! i can't believe how much you guys got! How fun!!!

    Happy holidays!! I hope you and N have a great Christmas!!!

  3. Yep, shoveling, record it in the workout log