Friday, May 15, 2009

Blogging Again!

I used to have a blog long ago mostly about nothing. Then I co-blogged for awhile with my dear friend SouthBay Girl at PlanetYnnep Running while we were training bi-coastally for a half marathon. Recently we decided that I needed to create my own blog to document my triathlon training, perhaps some cycle racing, hiking and adventures in dating. (HA!) So we'll see if I have the time to keep this up. I truly would like to document my training efforts and I love reading other blogs.... so here we go!

Last night was the Thursday night social ride out of the local bike shop I now frequent. I purchased my bike from them and all that work there are very friendly. This location of the shop just recently opened, so the rides don't have a great many people showing up yet. It was a good ride last night. The rain decided to hold off until it was all done. This was third time I had done this particular loop and I am starting to get a feel for it, although I still made an error somewhere on the cue sheet and missed a turn, but found where I was either way. There is a long and short option on this ride. All the really fast guys (and sometimes even some girls) do the long ride and just zoom on away. Another woman and I did the short ride together last night. It is about 11 miles and has some good hills on it. The only downside is that some of the roads have a great deal of traffic on them as it is still in that going home from work time frame. I really want to work on getting my speed a bit faster and my cadence more even. I can tell the strength training I've been doing all winter is helping me power up those hills.... along with the lighter bike! LOVE MY BIKE! Of course the best part of the Thursday ride is the post ride beer at the bike shop!


  1. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! You will LOVE having your own blog!!! I'm so excited you have decided to write one and have found a wonderful place to ride. If I had more time...and I sure will try...I'll jump on my bike-for there is another tri coming up soon! So we can tri bi-coastally again.....

    I miss you dearly!

  2. Welcome!!! I came by through a link on Southbay Girl's site. ride beer. Now THAT'S my kind of bike ride. Keep up the great work!


  3. Yay! Welcome (back) to blogland - love the new digs! Even though I don't show up in your Blogger follower list, I'm nicely stalking you by way of Google Reader now. Someday when you get the chance - tell us more about your new bike. Pictures, pictures are good too!

  4. looking forward to following your blog :o)

  5. Hey, I know that Other Woman! She's insane! be careful around her. :)