Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Its been a busy few days!

My training is off schedule! I did get in a bike ride in the drizzle on Saturday and a run on Sunday, but the Monday and Tuesday were messed up due to a business trip through Raleigh, NC and to the lovely town of Keanansville, NC. Today I am kind of back on schedule. I did some interval running the the dreaded treadmill at the gym along with some strength and core training. Tonight is supposed to be swim night, but I have corporate meeting this evening that is derailing my pool time. UGH!

Last Sunday I got up early and watched part of the Columbia Triathlon in Columbia, Maryland. It was inspiring to watch the many athletes that were a part of the event. As I was arriving the elite men were leaving on their bikes, then I saw them come in on their bikes, and then saw them come in at the finish. WOW! This was an olympic distance triathlon with less than stellar weather conditions, but these guys were still in under 2 hours. The bike leg I know is considered challenging due to the rolling hills of central Maryland. It was drizzling to raining for a good part of the morning. Some of the later waves may have actually had more dry than wet for their bike ride. At least the temperatures were not too bad!

I posted my list of race and event plans as I have them right now. The sprint tri in June will be for training purposes and to get my feet wet. I'm excited to have a plan down! Now, if I could just learn how to operate my bike computer! I could start keeping track of my rides better! This can't be that difficult!


  1. Don't you hate how travel messes with your workout plans? Work just gets in the way some times. :)

  2. um you forgot to write about last night's stellar ride!

  3. When you mentioned Keanansville I had no earthly idea where that was - but you were in RALEIGH?!!! I'm mere minutes from Raleigh!! I would have to come to run with you or you know, to buy you a coffee (or margarita :D) and say hi!! Next time!

    Your race list looks fun - ESPECIALLY the Va Beach 1/2 - 'cause I think we're going to try to do that one too! Yay!