Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Lets see. I am still off schedule, but I have been doing some stuff. Lets do a brief recap:
Thursday 5/21 - bike ride with many issues - and quite humorous - issues happened to my riding partners not me - -but I'm sure my day will come. Thanks for the laughs Jeanne!
Friday 5/22 - Nothing! Oh wait I did work up a sweat trying on a wetsuit at Conte's. And then after all that effort to make sure I found the right size, I left forgetting to reserve one for June 21! I got side tracked trying on bike shorts and then picking up my bike that I had left the night before for adjustments! At least I know what size to reserve!
Saturday 5/23 - 24 mile bike ride. Feeling better on this ride although I know the guys were going slower as to not leave me totally in the dust. I did thank them both for sticking with me! I really would like to see my speed increase so I don't feel like such a turtle!! This was also a brick day, but my run was only about 15 minutes after my bike ride.
Sunday 5/24 - No real training but I did walk about 3 miles on the beach in from the Delaware Seashore State Park to Rehoboth Beach, DE. Nice day at the beach! My daughter and I had fun!
Monday 5/25 - A somewhat botched 5K race. My daughter and I decided to do this one together. This was her first time entering any kind of race. She ran for about a mile then I found her waiting for me to catch up. She said her knees and feet were hurting. She has new shoes, but I do think she may need some additional support in her shoes, like super feet. I did notice when she jogged next to me for a bit that she was really heavy on her feet. I think we may need to work on some running technique. So we walked for a bit and then ran the last bit into the finish. Definitely not a PR for me, but I am so glad that she wanted to do this run with me!!
Today so far: I went to the gym. After a brief warm up on a cardio machine I did my circuit strength work out which is mostly with body weight and lots of core work. Tonight I will swim. Tonight is also a women's ride out of Conte's but the weather is so crappy today rainy, windy, only 57 right now that I have no desire to get on my bike - -even though it is not raining right now. So it will be off to the indoor pool for me. I am so behind on swim workouts that this is probably a better plan!

This is a crazy week too as my daughter has rehearsals from 6-9 each night and performances Friday, Saturday and Sunday as her year long drama program concludes. And somewhere in all of this I need to get my house in order for my parents to stay over the weekend! I need a maid! How can I train the dog and 2 cats to clean while I am at work?????


  1. nice work! i'd say that was a decent week of training. I'm also bagging conte's tonight. sigh. I wonder if i will EVER make that tuesday nite ride. or if it will EVER stop raining. You don't need a maid, you need a wife. Me too! :)

  2. If you can figure out how to train the dog and cat to clean etc...let me know! I have said I need a house husband to do all my crap work and to run errands while I'm slaving away at work...can't seem to find any volunteers!