Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back from Trip!

I will post a photo filled Mt. Rainier trip report later! It was wonderful, even the work trip add on to Salt Lake City was fun!

I am most excited today as I decided to join the DC Tri Club before I left on vacation as they have lots to offer and many people to learn from. And Born Not to Run kept telling me I should join. Thanks Jeanne! I belong to a newly formed tri club in my county - and they are great, but it can't hurt to belong to both, especially while the new one is growing! First benefit of DC Tri Club at this time....they had extra slots saved in the North East Triathlon in August! So today I was able to sign up! I decided to go for the sprint distance. I modified my goal from Olympic distance to sprint, because my training has been a bit off for the Olympic goal AND the worst part..... my residuals from Guillian-Barre have been flaring up all through June and into this month. I think I may have been overdoing the training just a bit, plus the June 21 tri and the long bike ride the following body was talking....I have to listen to my body as I want to be doing this for a long, long time and I don't want to risk injury. My residuals flare in the form of exhaustion - just want to sleep nothing else, and numb fingers and toes... they really are always numb, but the sensation is heightened when I have over done it and have not gotten enough sleep... I also get some nerve pain from time to time. Just gotta keep on moving!

So back to the training plan.... I am missing my group bike ride tonight...blogging not riding (LOL).. actually I am still tired from my trip (just got home last night) and I don't have my shit together! Tonight I will get myself organized physically and mentally to get back on schedule!

Friday -Swim - about an hour (usually a rest day, but I need to get back on track)
Saturday - Brick - Bike ~25 miles and run about 2.5 miles
Sunday - Long run day.... I haven't been running much lately... so I will go for slow a 5k.


  1. yay! my fiendish plan worked! Sounds like you're being very smart, listening to your body. very important!

  2. Woo hoo! I'm jealous. The tri club sounds like tons of fun. Oh - and fun news that's just shaping up - Donna and I are coming up to MD (Savage MD) the weekend of Aug 15-16. I have a class I'm taking most of Saturday. I think we're going to try to do a DC ride together on Friday. And Saturday the plan is to drop her off out in the scenic MD countryside and have her bike back to the hotel while I'm in class. Maybe we'll even do a short ride on Sunday morning before heading back this way. Are you around for a coffee meet up or short ride or something?? We'd love to meet you and Jeanne and any other blogging buddies if we can!!