Friday, July 31, 2009

Bad blogger!

My apologies. It has been a crazy world since I returned from my trip. I've not only been trying to get back on my training schedule, but I've been prepping my house to go on the market. My house went up on Monday after painters, much de-cluttering, tossing, donation and putting into to storage and of course cleaning and dusting. I am tired of it! The realtor is having an open house on Saturday. Can I please get an offer in the first week.???!!!!???? I don't know if I can handle the madness that is keeping a house in ready to show mode. Good thing my ex took Sampson for a few days. Old dog doesn't need to be a part of the madness and as much as I love him, he is a messy beast. If we sell then I will be able to check another thing off the list that leads down the path to final divorce. You would think after 2.5 years of separation we would get this over with. Stupid economy got in the way. I didn't even want this divorce, but now I am so ready for all of it to be final, done, etc. And it hasn't even been ugly. I am just ready to close this chapter!

I will get a trip report with pictures on here soon! Here is some training stuff - not too interesting

I have been hitting the gym and doing my strength work. I am killing the 1 minute plank - forward and both sides. I think I may be ready to hold it longer! woot! I have been doing a series of mostly body weight strength and core work consistently since March. I can tell a difference in my core and my arms the most. I still have stubborn over 40 year old, mom, fat that I can't seem to melt... but it is all looking a bit tighter. I have gain muscle too, that is always good!

Bike - Last Saturday - 28 miles. I hung with the guys at 20 mph for about half of it then they left me on this slow, long incline. I averaged a bit slower after that with no one to chase - except for the lovely downhills! Tuesday - 11 miles on the monthly women's ride. We kept a good pace in air so thick you could chew it. There were only 3 of us and I was the old lady! Thursday - ~18 miles. Kept a good pace through most of this. I was one of three women with a bunch of guys riding. I mostly road with the woman who owns the bike shop we ride out of. She is nice and super helpful as an experienced rider. She was giving me some good tips. I like it when experienced riders do this! I am here to learn every day.

Run - Most of my running has been on the treadmill. I hate running outside in high humidity thus I haven't been out there. I can only stand about 30 minutes on the treadmill though.. good thing I am only doing a sprint distance tri on Aug 16. I will try to get an outdoor run in on Sunday and for longer than 30 minutes.

Swim - I only got one swim in this week. YIKES. I did about 1200 m on Monday. Nothing stellar, but it was pool time.

Hiking - Last Sunday I scouted for this weeks small hike. This weeks hike is only about 3 miles and then we go tubing. So really the trip is about tubing, but since we are a hiking club we are making a nod to hiking. LOL... I will take pictures while tubing since I have my Canon waterproof, shock proof camera. I even have a floating wrist strap for it in case I lose hold. I don't plan too!

Happy Running, swimming, cycling, hiking, and relaxing to all!

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