Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So I while I have planned all along to do the North East Triathlon on August 16th, I had not signed up yet. So yesterday morning I go to sign up and..... ITS SOLD OUT!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHH . I am generally not a procrastinator for things like this, I just been busy at work, and other stuff. Now I am trying to figure out a new plan for August as well as triathlon for September. I did put myself on the wait list. I don't hold out much hope though.

This is an exciting week too though as my child is off visiting my parents for a month starting tomorrow and then I am going on a mini vacation that morphs into a business trip. The business trip just got added on and actually derailed a day of my originally planned vacation, but since I am going to place I have never been before I have decided to take the positive stance! Vacation will be had on Mt. Rainier, Washington and the business trip will be in Salt Lake City, Utah!
I just got a new wee camera - Cannon Powershot D10 - waterproof, shock proof, freeze proof. I will take lots of pictures. I'll even give my opinion of said camera once I've used it, although I am no expert. I've read other reviews that are good. It is a bit chunky, but it definitely has more durability than my other point and shoot. More mega pixels too!

Back to getting ready for work trip while still at work!

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