Thursday, February 4, 2010

ummmm I think it is going to SNOW!

Below was emailed to me from the county:

Major winter storm comparable to the Dec19th event now imminent for the region. Winter storm preparations should be rushed to completion.[I LOVE THIS LINE! Hurry get your bread, milk and toilet paper!!]

16-24" of snow possible for Montgomery County with near Blizzard conditions likely
Saturday. Event onset is around noon tomorrow with several inches expected
by the Friday Afternoon rush hours. Travel may become extremely difficult if
not impossible Friday evening through Saturday. The National Weather Service has upgraded the Winter Storm Watch to a WINTER STORM WARNING. This Warning is effective until 10PM Saturday. A WINTER STORM WARNING means that significant amounts of snow, sleet, or freezing rain are expected or are occurring in the warned area. Significant amounts of freezing rain are possible as this storm passes. Travel disruptions within the County and region are likely as roads quickly become snow covered and icy. Caution should be used during any travel and please remain alert for ongoing plow/salt operations. Deteriorating weather conditions are now imminent in the next
24hrs .

I guess I better get my outdoor run in tonight. It is 37 and sunny right now. I already hit the grocery store and that crazy place COSTCO yesterday....I really did need toilet paper, I was down to my last roll! Now I have toilet paper and paper towels until Summer! LOL I am sure the grocery stores will be insane the rest of today.

In addition to reading, knitting and copius tv watching. I am planning on doing some baking this weekend. I am testing out a couple chocolate cake recipes and a raisin shortbread. The cakes are for my daughter's 13th Birthday on Monday...testing to see which she would like for her upcoming party with friends and to surprise her Monday when she comes from being with her Dad. The shortbread is to see if it is close to a yummy raisin cookie thing that I LOVED as a child that is no longer produced.

Good news! I have lost 6 lbs since the beginning of the year! Something is working! I will try to keep my cake sampling and just generally boredom eating down during the apocalyptic snow storm this weekend.

Stay warm and dry! And to all that have races or events this weekend ENJOY!


  1. I wish I was there to test some of those tasty treats you're cookin' up! Stay safe. I'm glad you got toilet paper. LOL ;)

  2. We are looking at 11-12 inches here, luckly I know it will stop and will shop when it does, I have enough food to last 2 days, the media causes such an unnessecary up roar.

  3. SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW! get your snow shoes out and run!!! ok maybe not

  4. congrats on the 6 lb weight loss! Yay! this weather is KILLING my diet! i'm eating chocolate chips and every other kind of chip like they're fruit.
    I have GOT to get my tri-training on! i'm a slug!