Monday, February 22, 2010

Checking in...

Knitting - it is happening, but I doubt that I will finish both projects by this Sunday.
Work - Has been busy. This is a very good thing!
Training - 2/14 3200m swim, 2/15 strength and core, 2/16 some treadmill and elliptical it was a lame ass work out - I was having a pants staying up issue -drawstring missing, they are too big and were not staying up very well, 2/17 20 min hill work on exercise bike, strength and core, 2/18 nada or I don't remember so I am thinking it was nada, 2/19 strong interval run on treadmill, core. 2/20 nada - had child stuff going on - see the next day 2/21 nada - missed swim practice as I had 6 teenagers sleeping in my living room.

I also attended a singles event in the hopes of sparking some life into my social life.... it was lame! I will keep trying.... ugh...

This week...I hope I can get in the pool at least once before Sunday 2/28. We'll see. I want to also get on the compu-trainer with the bike. I miss my bike! The standard strength training, core work and treadmill runs will happen.

I know this is a dead dull post!


  1. Not dull, that's just life!

    6 teenagers in your living room?