Sunday, February 7, 2010


Shadow art of me and Sampson
The tree behind my apartment

My van is in there!

The road at the front of my community

We have somewhere near 30" of snow here. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. It is absolutely gorgeous though. This morning, while still below freezing, the sun is out, the sky is blue, the snow is sparkling. It was a wet, heavy snow when it came down. It is a bit lighter on top now since it got so cold last night. Under the snow there is a good crust of frozen slush since the temperatures had been above freezing before it started. FUN! In some ways yes, in other ways no! The GO MDGIRL GO van will not be going anywhere until it is dug out! There is my work out for today. I do love how the snow brings people outside and all seem to be feeling social. I have met new neighbors in the past couple days because of the snow. Yesterday, I met a nice couple with children from Russia. The kids wanted to pet Sampson. This morning, I met a woman from Serbia who was out walking and taking pictures. My community is very international! I have a Nigerian family across the hall from me too!
Okay time for some breakfast and then it will be time to dig the van out while the sun is shining. Then I will have to do my prep for SUPER BOWL - well.... not much prep to sit at home and watch it by yourself, but I will make fresh guacamole! And while I am very happy that the New Orleans Saints made it to the Super Bowl -I did cheer them on this season, as my Redskins were just awful, but now the Saints are playing my boy Peyton so I have to say.....

Those University of Tennessee ties run deep.....


  1. Oh my God - your car! Good luck with that. LOL ;)

  2. YES the TENNESSEE ties run very deep!!! GO COLTS!!!

    I love the snow! it looks amazing!!!

  3. wow!!! those photos are awesome!! I have been a bad bad blogger.
    and athlete, while we're at it!
    I hope you survived!