Friday, June 25, 2010

Ahhhhhhhhhh - Friday Five

1. I took it easy this week. I needed it. Work has been insane busy this month and it is not letting up for most of the summer. Road 10 miles on Tuesday, 20 miles last night and will get in about 40 miles on Saturday.

2. Monday after some stressful personal stuff I had to deal with in the afternoon, I had a massage. I think this should be done after every race. I rarely follow my own advice, but at the urging of another I scheduled it. My quads (and the rest of me) were sore from the race. The massage therapist did an awesome job. JUST WHAT I NEEDED. I was amazed at how tight my feet were. They have felt AWESOME all week since they got worked on. I went to a Massage Envy and have decided that as I move into MCM training - massage will be necessary. I signed up for a year of monthly massages.

3. I am searching for another tri to do between now and the end of September. Olympic Distance. Any suggestions? Is there anything that isn't sold out yet? The races in the mid-Atlantic region sell out so fast!

4. My daughter leaves next Thursday for 16 days. I will miss her, but I will also enjoy my parenting-free time. This will allow me to get back into my training routine. I gotta start MCM training! Early morning running here I come.

5. Sunday swim practice has moved to the outdoor pool! I am excited about this as I like being outside and this is a long course pool (50 meters). I can't remember if I ever have done practices in a long course pool. Maybe when I was 9 or 10 and very serious about swimming.

Have a Great Weekend! Happy Races to All! GO CDA IRONMAN RACERS!


  1. Have a great weekend! I'm sure you can find a race somewhere! Good luck!

  2. Have fun on your 40 miler this weekend.

    My friend is doing CDA. She left yesterday morning for the long drive. I'm so excited for her.

  3. 1- Recovery is key, you had a great race.

    2- I am glad that you listened to whom ever suggested the massage, Glad to hear it was well worth it

    3- SAVAGEMAN!!!!

    4- More time to train for SAVAGEMAN

    5 - Ok I am jealous of the long course pool

  4. It seems like you REALLY needed that massage. It was well deserved!

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