Sunday, June 13, 2010

Behind on Blogging and Embracing the Taper

Last week was super busy at work and it won't be slowing down any time soon. Since I am behind I will recap from last weekend

After a traffic-filled Friday night drive to my Aunt's in Chesapeake VA (VA Beach), I was up and out the door at 6:30 on Saturday morning to get myself something to eat and meet up with a Fat Frogs Bike Shop in Chesapeake for their group ride. What a well organized bike shop group ride. I highly recommend if you are in the area to check it out. They had 5 pace groups, all with a designated leader. They kept to strict pace lines and everyone took several turns pulling the line. I picked the B pace group 16-18 mph. We were not to go over 18 the leader said, unless we got the wind behind us and it "pushed" us a little faster. The terrain is FLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT. Not even a roller. I am so not used to that! It was awesome. I would say it was an easy workout for me. I picked that group, but could have worked a little harder and probably managed just fine in the B+ group. Next time. I hope to get down that way a few more times this summer, since I have a free place to stay close to the beach, it is hard to pass up!

Sunday after a Saturday afternoon and evening of graduation party for my cousin, I got up to run. While I got out early, I should have gone even earlier. It was so hot and humid already. I managed to eek out about 4 miles. I can only hope next Sunday (June 20) is not super humid. I do not like running in extreme humidity!

Sunday afternoon my daughter and I hit the beach in the intense sun and heat. We were successful in not getting burned and enjoyed the still chilly Atlantic Ocean. I even did a bit of swimming along the shore line. After a yummy pizza dinner, we hit the road and didn't have too much trouble with traffic on the way back. It was a good weekend!

This past week, I got a wee 2 mile run in on Wednesday, a 10.5 mile bike on Thursday and a 45.43 HILLY tough ride yesterday (Sat) - the Wacky Bridge Ride. I will post about it this week. I took pictures!

I am officially one week out and am in taper week. Last night I was thinking I would get up and run 6 miles and then go to swim practice at 8 for at least an hour of it. Well I am sitting here at the computer at 7:41. Doesn't look like that is happening does it. he he
I didn't set an alarm when I went to bed. I let myself sleep until I woke up. I needed to honor my body's sleep need and I did have a hard ride in the heat yesterday. I made it to 6:30 am. After I took the dogs out (I'm dog sitting), I looked at my training plan that I have been quite loosely following all these weeks. I decided I need to embrace the taper and follow what it on my plan all week. Today 30 min easy run, Monday 30 min swim, Tuesday 30 min run - sprint intervals but not too hard, Wed 30 min swim, Thursday Easy bike ride, Friday rest, Saturday easy bike spin to loosen legs and then SUNDAY IS RACE DAY!

I am nervous and excited about moving up to Olympic distance. I think I am ready!


  1. Woot Woot!!!! i cant wait to hear all about your race! I'll be in the car on sunday driving back from Nor Cal-but will try to pester you!!

  2. Best wishes with the race!

  3. Fat frogs is just a cool name, sounds more like a bar then a bike shop, but still, a cool name

    Good luck at the race