Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Wacky Bridge Ride

Or I would name it the Hills and Valleys Ride or the Road Kill Express (skunks! stinky!)
On Saturday the 12th, I joined up with my Frederick County, MD friends for what Phil, the ride genius, called the Wacky Bridge Ride. True enough we did cross three bridges that all kind of looked the same, but they were indeed different bridges. We started at 7:30 am and while the temperature was still on the nice side, the humidity was already quite thick. The ride started out innocent enough, until someone noted on the route sheet, "NOT SHOOKSTOWN!" That was the first of many tough climbs of the day - and that was at mile 4! We even had a rest stop at mile 9 to replenish fluids. We road on Bennie Hill Road LOL! It was hill too and the 1st of the three wacky bridges was on that road. I thoroughly enjoy riding out in the countryside. I have gone on roads and been through towns that I would have never driven on or through. I am finding little towns that I want to go back to explore.
We climbed up Arnoldstown Road to Gapland Road which is where Gathland State Park is located. That is the picture of the arch and some of us riders in front of the arch. The very first picture shown is on the road heading in that general direction. The dip or gap in the mountains (above the mail boxes on the left of the photo) is where Gathland is and Gapland Road. Gapland Road was an AWESOME downhill right into the town of Burkittsville. Anyone see the Blair Witch Project?? Right here people! We road some more and more...and finally had a rest stop in Jefferson, MD at the Jefferson Market. COLD Water! A bathroom! FOOD! I was hot, sweaty, covered in road debris, we had gone on some roads that were seemingly a mix of mashed dirt, gravel and just a dab of pavement, surprised we had no flats, and I was HUNGRY. This was mile 32.5 of what was "advertised" as a 50 mile ride but was really only a 45.43 mile ride. LOL. The heat and humidity were on and while I had been drinking my fluids, I am thinking perhaps not enough as later on Saturday I was feeling a bit dehydrated. So from here we didn't have much left, but of course because Phil designed this ride and we are in a hilly area there was more climbing to be had. Thankfully the last few climbs were nothing like the climbs earlier in the day. It was a great ride and a ride of extremes in the mph department. At one moment your flying down a hill at 35 mph and next you are barely making it up a hill at 4 mph! I was wishing for a third chain ring on a few of those hills! I was so happy I remembered to bring a change of clothes so I could shower at Phil and Jeanette's house before driving my 40 minutes home. That was an awesome shower!
Next up! DC TRIATHLON! Woo hoo! They just sent a great email with loads of info and my race number! 2143! I am getting excited!


  1. Sounds like a great ride! Lucky you getting to take a shower before driving home!!!!

  2. I am telling Team Roll that we need showers too after our rides

    I love the views, sounds like a fun tough ride, btw you dont need a triple on your roadie.

  3. Wow, that looks like amazing scenery and a rad ride! Lucky you!

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  5. Sounds like a great ride!!! I love all the pictures :)