Monday, July 19, 2010

Training ups and downs

Not much to post about. I have been dealing with a cranky IT band for the last bit and my left knee too. I've been spending some time icing, stretching, foam rollering. Of course this hits when I am trying to get into the swing of my training for the Marine Corp Marathon. I did have my bike fit reevaluated last week. So far with the couple rides that I have done since the fitting, nothing feels worse, so I am hoping the few adjustments that were made helped. It was funny to see myself on the TV on my bike. While I was at the bike shop I decided to get a new saddle too. I had been thinking about it, since Orangina still had the stock saddle on her. After a 35 mile ride on Saturday, I am happy to say I am glad I made the change.

I ran 3.3 miles this morning. Nothing hurts worse. I take that as a positive sign. And I was good and rolled and stretched after my run.

This week I will run again on Wednesday and then a wee run Friday and then Sunday is Riley's Rumble a low key club half marathon. While I don't think I am totally up for 13.1 miles, I should be at 9 or 10 according to my training plan, I think I am still going to go out there and do the run walk thing as part of my training. If anything starts to hurt then I will just walk. I will also get in some bike time and some pool time. 12 days to the Catoctin Challenge. I hope it is not as hot and humid as it has been lately or that is going to be a brutal 65 miles. Have I mentioned the hills?

Work is still crazy busy and I got promoted in responsibility at the end of last week. I am taking it on, so I hope that it will translate into some extra $$ - our review period starts in the fall with salary changes in December. I will be tooting that horn!
Happy Training to all!


  1. YEAH!! You and I will both be running a half marathon on July 25th! Kick it's ASS!!

  2. my knee has just started bothering me as well. i am making an appt for a bike fit....i need to start icing. tell me more about the IT band ???

  3. The dreaded IT band... The foam roller is your friend, even though he/she treats you like crap :-) Nice job with the training!!

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