Friday, July 30, 2010

My Friday Five!

1. I got my iPhone4 this week. So far I love it. Have any apps that you love and cant' live without? Please do tell! I am new to this smart phone/iPhone stuff.

2. My other purchase this month was a netbook in order to have a second computer in the house to surf/twitter/etc. My daughter discovered the wonders of skype via the netbook w/webcam and I have had to pry it out of her hands so that I can use it. She is not your typical teen - I usually have to remind her to charge, turn on, and take her phone with her. So to come home to find her skyping was quite funny. She says its the visual and voice connection that is more appealing to her. She is an artist! What can I say.

3. I received my relay match this morning for the Half Full Tri October 3rd. I am excited! I will be doing the bike leg, which is the leg I really wanted!!

4. This Saturday is the Catoctin Challenge! I will take photos and have a nice weekend report to share next week. I am still trying to get to $500. I am riding for Habitat for Humanity. Please donate if you can. Thank you!! Even if it is only a $1 or $5 -it can help. In total the group is hoping to go over $100,000 this year, which would be amazing. We are getting close!

5. I recently secured the services of a coach. Main goal is to get through Marine Corp Marathon training, but he totally gets my triathlon addiction and is a cross training supporter. So I still have bricks on the plan as well as bike time and swim time. I am hoping this will help my run overall and perhaps my run leg of my tris will be better too!

Everybody have a GREAT Weekend! And PLEASE Donate if you can.


  1. Good luck with the bike challenge this weekend. Habitat is a great cause. I do some work with them through my employer.

    Sounds like you found the perfect coach for you, which is great. Kinda like finding a doctor that is also a runner or triathalete, so when you go to see them you don't get the 'you just need to stop running/biking' canned response. Good to have folks that 'get it'.

  2. I can't get Matthew to take care of his phone either. My next laptop will be a netbook or something similar. I'm over the huge computer thingee, although my cellphone is DEFINITELY not a smart phone :-)

  3. I am so behind the smart phone yet!

    Glad you got your 1/2 full match all set. It will be a great race.

  4. I don't have an Iphone so I am of no help there.
    I would love to be the bike leg of a tri relay.

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