Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crappy Weather!

Well the temperature is not awful, not June like for Maryland, but not awful. I am so tired of rain though! I have a triathlon this weekend. Will the swim portion happen? What will the water tests show? Hmmmmm better yet, will I be able to get into the wetsuit without totally embarrassing myself? Weather and wetsuits aside, I am excited and looking forward to the event! I hope I'm ready!

In other news...... dead, dull and boring....Work has had me very busy. I haven't even been winked at on Match in a while. Oh the horrors! (NOT!) I think I need to rewrite my profile and add some new photos. I signed up to Match in order to actually try to find some dates rather than just complain that I haven't had a date, when I haven't been actively searching. As a social scientist I find the online dating thing rather fascinating, but on a personal level it is frustrating. Girl winks or emails guys, get no response most of the time. A few guys wink or email, girl responds... maybe even a few emails back and forth and then they vanish into the unknown...... I don't know about it all.. I am not going to take it personally! In my various activities I meet new people all the time. So far no dating material, but I keep thinking that the activities will be a great place to meet a compatible, single male. One day....
It is a good thing that I know how to entertain myself and that I am actually enjoying my life as it is right now, or this would be truly depressing!

Oh wait!! I did have excitement the other day... I went to see No Doubt in concert. AWESOME! I took my daughter and one of her friends. We all had a blast. Gwen and the guys were GREAT! The opening bands Paramore and The Sounds were good too. Gotta love a great concert!

For those reading, thanks! Enjoy your runs, swims, bike rides or whatever it is that you enjoy doing! Have a GREAT DAY!


  1. I'm so jealous! You saw No Doubt in concert! That had to be so much fun!

  2. I was just thinking the same. Over the past week, it's been raining every single day I had off and sunny and warm on the days I worked - a bit frustrating.

  3. No Doubt!! I'll bet that was a great show! Love them.

  4. stupid

    when are you going to packet pick-up? I just realized i haven't even OPENED the box that my wetsuit came in! Let's hope it's not xxxsmall!