Monday, June 8, 2009

Just humming along

Not too much going on.... The rain stopped in time for weekend bike rides!!
Saturday was another brick workout. I think I did pretty good. I had a good 23.5 mile ride and a fairly smooth 2.5 mile run. I felt pretty good about it all! I am noticing that I am getting a bit more consistent on my cadence during my ride. I had a good pacer riding with me on Saturday which I think helped at ton. Sunday, I road with Jeanne in the morning. We did about 15 miles with some nice rolling hills. It was a good ride! Sunday afternoon I proceeded to get a sunburn while hanging out at the pool. I swear I had put on enough sunscreen!! Only in a few spots, but they are red and hurt! OUCH! I hate getting sunburn!

This morning I did my gym rat thing. I ran a 5K on the treadmill and then did some strength work. I felt good running. I got into the zone with my ipod. Although I do need to add some new tunes to the rotation. Anyone got a favorite running song??? I also need to get outside for more pavement and weather condition running.

Tonight is a swim night! It is a hot and humid day here in Maryland. Currently at 87 degrees. Hopefully any pop up thunderstorms will wait until I have gotten in my workout! The cool water will feel good on my burnt parts!


  1. how I miss thunderstorms!!! I don't miss humidity-even though we seem to be having that here lately!!

    Nice workouts! I want to swim tonight before G arrives at 9:30pm-but I had a long run this morning and have just spent about 3 hours trying to get in touch with LA City Animal Services about a goat living next door-they aren't supposed to have a goat! The city of LA is so screwed up!!!

  2. Great job on all the workouts! Thank goodness for ipods on treadmill runs. Otherwise I think I would have to stab myself to relieve the boredom. My favorite songs change so frequently. I'm pretty fickle. :)

  3. and *I* had a great pacer on sunday. and it was 16 miles missy. Let's get our facts straight! :) I did my first brick this morning. my first of the season, that's right...spin class followed by a .5 mile run.

    No mocking, please.

    wear more sunscreen!