Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Catoctin Challenge Bike Ride Report

It was a gorgeous day for the Catoctin Challenge! We started at the Frederick Community College in Frederick, MD. We signed up for the 65 mile route (the "Chicks Dig Fil" Metric). This is me and my ride partner and friend, Kelly, at the first rest stop in Thurmont. I'm in the orange and blue jersey. Riding through the country side of Frederick, Maryland we went through several covered bridges. I am not a master of taking pictures while riding, thus no covered bridge photos. Next time! They were lovely though. It was nice to ride in very low traffic areas. Even though there were many other riders on the road, most of the time it was just me and Kelly. It was a good time to catch up on all that has been going on in our lives.

This was the second rest stop on Mason-Dixon Road! We were headed North! All of the volunteers for this event were super!

Then we road into the Gettysburg Battlefield

Self portrait. I should have smiled!

Lunch was at the Land of Little Horses! We made new, furry friends.

After lunch, Kelly was chased by a crazy dog. The owner was finally able to get control of him and no one was hurt! We climbed through the farm land little ups and downs here and there. Past some lovely, bubbling creeks and remote houses. So quiet and peaceful!

Kelly and the "Ride Genius" Phil - creator of the Catoctin Challenge. This was at the final rest stop at Ski Liberty in Pennsylvania. Up to now the climbing wasn't so bad. The down hill into this rest stop was awesome. I think it was when I hit 41 miles per hour. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

See that hill? Somewhere over there is the two mile climb. Last year so many people, including moi, walked up the hill. It was hot, it is a long, slow climb. This year...... I peddled the whole way. My bike is not triple ring..... I may have only been going about 4 miles per hour, but I road the whole thing! Woot! Several of us were cussing Phil for the hill the whole way. He even had spray painted, FU FIL on the road! He knows! Phil also likes to spray on the road, "This is the last hill".... it never is......He is a silly man. He enjoys torturing those that do his rides.

Here we are at the end - the Lodge a Blue Ridge Summit! Still smiling. I was glad to be done and I was thinking - SHOWER! BEER! FOOD!
We calculated that we did about 68 rather than 65 miles. Nothing stellar on the speed, but we weren't racing. It was a great ride!
My sitz bones were sore. Muscles a little tight. I stretched and then took advantage of the $1 per minute massages that were being offered. 20 minutes of leg and shoulder work and I felt great... that and a few beers too!
Sunday we took the short cut route back to Frederick (35 miles or so), which only saved us about 5 miles, but it did take out one of the two killer climbs. Each of them are the short but steep hills. Once back to Frederick, we got our junk from the truck and went to eat at Cracker Barrel! An Awesome Weekend!
Thank you to those that donated too!


  1. awesome! 41mph!!! Skyline drive will feel like a road bump to you! I would die without my triple! You're a goddess!

  2. 41 miles!!

    Sweet! Nice job out there. I think its great you went out for a second year.

    It's always so interesting how easier things get the second year, if only because we know what is ahead. I didn't say easy...just easier!

    Way to go on that climb!

  3. Smiling at the end, and a massage to go with it! That's quite the mileage, but you did it! Woohoo! It sort of makes me want to go get a bike and all the gear... but don't tell my husband!

  4. I love all the pictures! I feel like I was right there. SOOO beautiful!

  5. I'm such a loser-I forgot to donate!! LOSER!

    Sounds like you had a great time! the little horses are CUTE! But the mean dog doesn't sound like fun!

    I really should start riding more-but I just have zero time!!

    Twitter yet???