Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thunderstorms, goofy dogs and flip turns....

We've been having some crazy thunderstorms here lately. My dog, Sampson, doesn't like thunderstorms. It has gotten worse with age. He is 10 years old, which is ancient for a Great Dane. This is where I usually find him during a thunderstorm:

In my bathroom, sitting on the toilet. Notice one hind foot is off the ground.
He has also started sitting on the edge of the tub. I haven't photographed that yet! I am afraid he is going to fall into the tub and then I will have to wrestle all 150lbs of him out of the tub! At any rate, with the storms happening at night ( I know, I asked for it earlier this week!) Sampson's pacing, panting and banging around in my bathroom is keeping me up at night! I love my dog, but dragon breath panting right on my face while I'm sleeping is REALLY unpleasant.

Yesterday was National Run Day. I didn't run.... I am behind on runs.... Need to start getting some mileage going!!! Or even a 5k will kick my butt! I did swim yesterday. My full workout too! I got it in before the thunderstorms started. Pool was nearly empty again. My daughter joined me, but just sat on a lounge chair reading her book and asking me every now again, "How much more do you have to do?" with a really pained look on her face. The joy of a preteens and teens! She's been having a rather dramatic week. Must have been all those performances last weekend. She needs to step back into the real world now! On a swim note... While I know I don't need flip turning ability during a triathlon, I am flummoxed that I cannot remember how to execute one correctly! I have nearly drown myself trying recently. I learned swim very young, joined swim team as soon as they let me, was a hot shot swimmer girl by age 10, swam, swam, swam. Flip turns no problem. Why doesn't my brain and body remember how to execute them! It would make all those endless laps back and forth a little smoother I think. Anybody got any tips or hints to flip turns??
Thursday night is usually bike ride night, but tonight is my daughter's Cast party. So that is where I will be. I'm sure it will be fun and all, but I will really miss my bike ride. I did spin class this morning at the gym, but it is just not the same!
Have a great day!


  1. I didn't run yesterday, either. :P I felt pretty silly, too, because I was so excited about National Run Day. Ah well.

  2. I ran yesterday-sorry didn't mean to rub it in! I just got back from the pool-now heading out for a run! Don't ask me about flip turns-I'm the breaststroke gal and I LOVE IT! I just can't catch my breathe swimming freestyle-I think my asthma really is getting me with freestyle-but hey, I'm not out to win anything!

    have fun at the cast party!

  3. google flip turns, there are a gazillion videos. i've tried many times, but have finally given up! that is so funny about your dog!!!