Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A little of this and a little of that!

Work has gotten busy again... that is a good thing!
Last week, I got some strength and core work done and a 4 mile run on the treadmill last Thursday.
Saturday 2/27 I did 18 miles on the bike compu-trainer at the bike shop. There were 4 others there - 2 guys and 2 other women. It was good to have others to "ride" with. We did the Ironman Switzerland bike course (18 miles of it for 4 of us - uber athlete dude did 26 miles). There was a killer 6.9% grade hill at the beginning and then it was flat at the 18 mile mark was a 7.7% grade hill...a good stopping point! LOL.. I felt really good about the session. I want to get my cycling stronger, so this is good.

Sunday 2/28 was my Birthday. Another year older! ugh! New age group for events! I started the day at swim practice. 2700 meters... usually we get in 3200 meters but I needed to leave a bit early to meet up with some other women (and a few men) for a bike racing clinic! It was fun! Got some experience riding in a tight pack, drafting, and moving up within the pack, etc. The wind was brutal on one part of the ride, so making sure you were in the pack was important! After the Winter we have had this year, it was great to be outside on the bike! I am contemplating a bike race in March - stay tuned. FUN!
The highlight of my Birthday was stopping at Georgetown Cupcake and getting yummy cupcakes! Chocolate and Devil's Food YUM!


  1. HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Though you dont look a day over 21.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!