Friday, March 5, 2010


The sun was quite bright this morning. It was lovely. It is still cold though, 39 degrees currently. The weather folks are predicting nice, dry, sunny weekend days with temps in the 50's! Very exciting! I hope to get outside and enjoy it on foot and bike!
I have a Friday evening date with the compu-trainer at the LBS. Such the active social life for me! Perhaps there will be others ? The last time I was there on a Friday, it was just me. Saturday morning I am thinking I will go for a run - OUTSIDE!!! Saturday afternoon the LBS is having a tri expo. Various vendors and discussions about training and lactate threshold, etc. I am planning on stopping by. I love to go get information and learn something new. I like drooling over the gear too. Note to self: leave credit card at home! While I really would like to have a tri bike, my lovely, only year old road bike, (Orangina) is just fine for me right now!
I have swim practice on Sunday morning and I have to scout a hike for hiking club on Sunday afternoon. I am sure that the trail is going to be a giant mud pit. The original hike I was to scout this weekend we had to cancel due to too much snow still on the trail. I called the park ranger's office and they chuckled when I asked about trail conditions. Still about a foot of snow on this particular mountain. Hee hee... That will probably take the rest of the month to melt down! Scouting this weekend and taking club members to hike it next weekend not possible! So the alternative hike is a close-in suburb hike. I will have to piece together a group of trails to come up with an 8 to 10 mile hike that hopefully isn't too dull.
Good Weekend to all!


  1. Stupid snow messing up your hiking plans. bah!

  2. I say bring the credit card, never know when a great deal will be there. And just say no to the TT bike