Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has popped here in Maryland. In the past few days little buds of green are showing on the trees, forsythia is starting to bloom in all it's yellow glory, daffodils and crocus are showing their pretty faces and my nose is running, throat is itching, and eyes are watering. The early Spring trees are my worst allergens. I've been hit hard in the past week, of course I have been outside torturing myself and thoroughly enjoying the little mini heat wave we had. Sunshine! Glorious Sunshine! I know that my dear friend, Penny, was not so happy about unusual for March east coast weather for her weekend in NYC running the half marathon. Since I couldn't join up with Penny in the big Apple I kept myself busy here in Maryland.

Thursday evening 3/18, 14.5 mile ride with my favorite bike shop. It was a small group, but it was fun. I road with the co-owner of the shop who was "going light" on Thursday since she was racing on Saturday and we had two women, new to cycling, out on their first group ride. As always the shop owner is ever helpful and providing great tips on cycling. She even noticed that my cycling has improved! I am happy about this. I could tell that my indoor training over the Winter was quite helpful! Not that I was on the bike trainer all that often, but I did keep up with running, swimming, and weight work - so it is all good for overall fitness. I am in much better shape coming into this Spring than I was last Spring.

Saturday 3/20 I swam in my first swim meet in 30 years. The master's team I joined in January does this meet once a year. I thought why not swim an event or two. Mind you, I have not been training to swim in meets, just get my base up and train for my triathlon swim. The meet was fun. There were about 200 athletes signed up and ages on up into the 80's. I was inspired by a 78 women, Janet. She swam all the butterfly events offered - 100, 200, and 50 meters. I want to be able to do the butterfly when I am 78. Truly inspiring. I helped out at the event by being a timer. Each lane had the electronic pad and two timers. For those that thought they were going to beat records, a third timer would be added to your lane. I know one man broke the World Record for 100 IM for 60-64 age group. FUN! I did not break any records on Saturday, but I did get a 1st place in the 100 IM for my age group....... sadly I was the only woman in my age group that swam that event! :) I will still take my medal! This was my favorite event as a child and teen. I still enjoy it, although the next time I swim in a meet I will hopefully have learned how to pace myself better. I went out WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY too fast for the butterfly and back portion (44.80 split time) and then I was about PUKE and my heart fly right out of my chest during the breaststroke (my worst and least favorite stroke) and I managed to keep it together to get to freestyle. I was a head in my heat until the breast stroke and I saw the other lanes passing me by.... ugh... Oh well! Next time! I finished in 1:52:24. Nothing stellar, but I had zero expectations for time. I definitely hit my heart rate max for this one! The other event I swam was 50 freestyle other quick event. Why I didn't sign up for say 400 Free or something like that I don't know.... I don't remember my time in 50 free..38 seconds I think. There were more women in my age group swimming this event, I did not place. All in all the meet was fun and I will do it again.

Sunday 3/21, 30 mile bike ride. Sunday was a gorgeous day. I met up with some people I don't know all that well for a ride up in Frederick County, MD. Frederick County is not flat. Lots of rolling hills and some very challenging climbs. Sunday's ride was basically rollers, with a couple steeper climbs and then some awesome downhills. This is farm land, which is awesome for riding as the traffic is minimal on the roads we hits. We also hit the Utica covered Bridge , saw lots of cows and horses and smelled manure on the fields. These folks were great to ride with and I will ride with them again. The guy that routes this also puts together a charity ride that I have done for two years and I will do it again this year. I felt strong and good on the bike. Last night I was a bit tired, but today I don't feel sore at all. So I am pleased with my results for my first long ride of the season.

Now, we can tell from this post what are my favorites out for the three triathlon events. :) I do need to get some running in there. My last run was 3.5 miles a couple weeks ago! other than a treadmill interval run last week. YIKES!!! Now that I am about 3 months out from my first triathlon of the season, it is time for me to make sure all three are getting some attention.

I hope all had a good time this past weekend and I am sure there will be many race reports to read and catch up on!


  1. You were the only one brave enough in your age group to sign up for it, brag about your first place winning to everyone.

  2. YEAH for 1st!!!! Woo hoo!!! 1st 1st 1st!!

  3. That's so cool about getting a placement in the 100 IM!!! As far as I'm concerned, you showed up and did the event, so that placement IS very much yours... After all, you can't win if you don't participate. :)

  4. great job!!! very cool!

    i've never done a swim meet of any kind.

  5. You don't have to tell a soul that there wasn't anyone else...wait a minute, you already spilled the beans. That's great, IM and butterfly..blech.

  6. Hey--Just found your, you are so inspiring! Where in Md are you? I live in Howard County.