Monday, March 8, 2010

Gotta make it fun!

At the tri expo at the LBS on Saturday I bought these:

Sugoi arm warmers! I love that they are not basic black. You have to have fun with this stuff! I also have a new helmet (S-Works by Specialized) on order as they didn't have the color I wanted in my size.
Other weekend activities: I visited the Workhouse Arts Center with my Brother, Sister-in-law, neices and daughter. We all had our creative juices flowing and wishing that we could have studios to create our respective arts interests all day. Many artists were there on Saturday, so it was great for the kids to get to see them working and ask them questions. What a great use of a former prison!
After swimming 3600 meters at swim practice on Sunday, I hiked ~7 miles scouting for hike that will be this coming Saturday. Despite all the melting snow it was not too muddy and only a few spots still had snow. For a close-in hike, it wasn't to terribly boring. The only thing I didn't do this weekend that I wished I had time for was getting outside on my bike. Hopefully, this coming weekend will be dry enough for that activity.
I am happy Spring is showing itself!