Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Bike Fail and A frustrating training week!

So my bike race last Saturday was a FAIL for me. (I do have a photo just need to pull from camera! I will!) Two of us went up to York County, PA to the race. When we left my house it was sunny and just a little windy. We got to PA and it was dark clouds, blustery and cold. It felt more like November than April. I had brought my leg warmers and such, but it was still quite bitter out. The race was a 2.5 mile loop. A nice downhill in the beginning to a 90 degree turn, a small flat to a false flat that you gradually climbed and curve around then another turn to a small but steep hill to the start/finish area. The CAT 4 women (the beginners) had 15 miles ( 6 loops) to complete. Our plan (my team mate and I) was to stick together being my first ever race and her first race of the season on not much training. Well - the first lap was okay we hung on to the end of the pack, the second lap I was having trouble getting air and my legs were feeling like lead and then I fell out of the pack. On a windy day that sooooooooooo sucks! I was having trouble getting air and stopped at the 3rd lap. I hate that I stopped, but breathing is quite necessary! I have had allergies my whole life and developed asthma as an adult. It has not been a problem in the past couple years, but this year my allergies and asthma have kicked in big time. The wind didn't help. And because I am a dope....I didn't have my rescue inhaler with me.... thankfully it wasn't a totally dire situation, just not a good situation for trying to exercise at a high level. I WILL TRY IT AGAIN!

I also think my body must be trying to fight something off because I've been more tired than usual and my residual symptoms from having Guillian-Barre and Miller Fisher Syndromes back in 2006 are all flaring. Both feet numb and tingly, both hands, eye issues. This happens whenever I get sick or am fighting something - even a cold. I HATE IT!!! It has been 4 years, can't my body just be healed and back to normal PLEASE! Along with a busy work week, my schedule is OFF! Ahhhhhhhhh!

I will say I did have one highlight from last weekend, I went to the Washington Capitals playoff game on Saturday. My friend's husband called me in the morning to tell me he was getting tickets to surprise his wife for her Birthday and did I want to go. OF COURSE! Bonus...he was treating too! WOOT! DOUBLE OF COURSE. We had to strategize though since I was going to be in PA in the afternoon and not likely to be back to head out to the game with them, but it all worked out. I made it to the game right at the end of the first period. The CAPS were down 2-1 at that time. I thought, oh this game has sucked so far! Well things picked up from there and the CAPS won in overtime 6-5. It was an awesome game. And they won in Montreal on Monday. We will see what they do tonight. And since I will be downtown in DC all day on Friday for a training course, I figured it would be fun to just stay for the evening and bought myself a ticket to the Friday night game. Fun stuff!

I hope to get a run done tonight. It is supposed to rain all day, but I will run in the rain. I would like to do 4 miles. I have had no bike time this week. I am hoping it is not raining Saturday morning so I can get in something. Sunday I have a 10K running race (if you can call what I do running or racing LOL!) No pool time this week. I need to figure out some pool time cause the following Sunday is another bike race I want to do, but it conflict with my regular swim schedule. A little less than 2 months to my first Oly Tri!

I end this rather long, rambling and, I am certain, full of grammatical errors post to say:


  1. You will get it next time!!

    BTW, that was a good game, I watched it and actually enjoyed it.

  2. I think your awesome. Keep on keeping on Michelle. (thats my name too!)