Friday, April 16, 2010


Okay taxes are done and paid. UGH. That was not pleasant. Lat night I attended a meeting to learn all about my daughter's upcoming class trip to Arizona as a part of their peace studies and science/environmental studies. They will be doing some volunteering with a Native American group while out there. It sounds wonderful! The kids are going to have a great week. There are 18 kids total in the 7th and 8th grade at the VERY small school my daughter attends. It is almost magical how it all works, as these kids are quite wonderful even if they are teens. Perhaps it is the fact that they are respected as individuals and expected to give respect back to their teachers and each other. And a bright bunch of kids too.

I am excited about this weekend because I have decided to do my first cycling road race! Now if all goes through with my other team members, I will be doing a race in Pennsylvania on Saturday. I have no idea what to expect. The other two who are going have race experience under their belt. Go Me! Go Velo Bella! I, of course will bring the camera, take some photos - including me in my Velo Bella Jersey. We are the mid-atlantic arm of a women's team based in California. It is a low-key team, but a team none-the-less.

Today is an interval run day. Haven't yet decided if it will be outside or on the treadmill. My intervals are much more disciplined on the treadmill. hmmm..
Okay. Time to get the dog walked, me into the shower and off to work!
Have a GREAT DAY and a GREAT WEEKEND! If anyone is racing GOOD LUCK!


  1. have fun this weekend with the cycling event!

    intervals - do them outside! :-)

  2. Where in Arizona? I use to live there. Its gonna be real hot, like 100+ hot.