Sunday, April 11, 2010

On the training plan....

After a couple weeks on not doing much of anything due to 1. Allergies absolutely kicking my butt and 2. Going on vacation, I was back at this week.
Strength and Core:
This week I hit the fitness center at work Mon-Wed-Fri for strength training and core class.
Run (if you can call my pace running ):
Wednesday I ran (and walked a good bit) 4.5 miles. The weather was weird last week. The beginning of the week is was in the 90's and then ended in the 60's. 90 degree weather in April here is a bit odd. Of course, it was 90+ on Wednesday evening, the pollen count was super high, my legs were a bit spent from weight what do I do go run. Blehhh. I felt good for about 2.5 miles then it went down hill. I ended up with a lot of run/walk for the last bit. Breathing was a chore.
I usually bike on Thursdays, but my quads were screaming at me, I got stuck late at work and a Thunderstorm was threatening, so not bike ride on Thursday. Saturday I road 43 miles in Frederick County with the Frederick folks. It was a great ride, despite the wind. Mostly we had it coming from the side, but a few times it was blasting head first. And yes, after having 90 degree days, Saturday started out in the upper 30's. So with a breeze it was a bit chilly starting out on the ride. I was glad I wore my arm warmers and my jacket as well as my leg warmers. All in all a great ride. I like riding with these people. My local tri-group has started riding again on Saturday's too. I am sure I will ride with them a few times coming up.
Sunday is swim practice. I swim with a local master's swim team. Today's work out was tough but good.
I did a 200m warm-up. Then we did 5 - 100's slow, medium, fast, medium slow. Then we did a set that was 400m, 2-300m, 2-200m, 2-100m. Next up 4 - 50m drills, then the IM set dropping stroke as you went down- 200m, 175m, 150m, 125m, 100m, 50m, 25m. Then 3 - 100's kicking and then I did a final 100 cool down. So a total of 3725 meters swam today. Whew! I do like getting into that zen mind while swimming....focusing on my breathing, my is rather meditative.

I am happy that Monday's will now be a rest day for me! Just core class and some stretching.

I need to update my sidebar with upcoming events I have in my plan. Here is what I have so far:

April 25 -Pike's Peek 10k (it is a local run down Rockville Pike) April 25

May 2??Bunny Hop Criterium bike race (I think it is May2 - need to check and sign up - it will be my very first!)

June 20 - Washington DC Triathlon - Olympic distance. My first Oly distance tri!

July 31-Aug 1 - Cactoctin Challenge Charity bike ride - 60 miles on Saturday, ~40 miles on Sunday (with a camp out, dinner and entertainment on Saturday night.) It is a HILLY but great ride in Maryland and southern Pennsylvania

October 9 - Seagull Century. 100 miles on the Eastern Shore of Maryland! This will be my first century!

October 31 - Marine Corp Marathon. Penny is coming in town for this as well as some other bloggy and tweety friends. Initially, I said I would just be the Sherpa and cheering squad, then I read a lovely post by a tweeting friend (@hendy2) and I thought oh WHY THE HELL NOT! Next I knew I signed up. NEVER SAY NEVER! I have said in the past I had no desire to run 26.2 miles. A new challenge for me!

I may or may not do another tri this season - they are so EXPENSIVE, I may do some other organized run events as well as bike events. I will have to see what the budget and schedule can bear.

Okay... time to clean up the apartment and bit and do something fun with my daughter.

I hope all had good weekends!


  1. he he!!!! Marine Corp marathon...he he!!! Lets just say I have no idea why I signed up for it with my absolutely hideous work schedule-but I have months to kick my ass into gear and hopefully be ready! Worse case-I walk! But with so many bloggy and tweetie friends in DC how could you not!!!!

  2. MCM. Wow. Good luck with that!

  3. Woooo a crit race!!! I am interested to hear how that goes. Nice season you have lined up!!

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