Monday, October 26, 2009

Not much....

I was a slug last week. Only one day in the gym... I did ride on Thursday night, but I was struggling. I wasn't my muscles, but my lungs. I just couldn't get air. Plus all the hard core riders are out on Thursday nights. I struggle to keep up with them on a good day! Fall can be like that for me, aggravating my allergies and asthma symptoms. FUN!

I need to get the motivation train to come by my house and kick my butt! Last Monday, I did see the podiatrist. I had self diagnosed myself correctly. Posterior tibial Tendonitis. I also found out that I have a little extra piece of bone near my navicular bone that can often cause and aggravate this condition. Of course, the doc confirmed that the crappy shoes didn't help! So while he said to take it easy for a bit - he did not say SIT ON YOUR ASS AND DO NOTHING! So, I need to get back out there. It is still tender, but feeling better. Gotta get running so that I am not walking the New Orleans half in February.

While we are still missing Shadow from the household, my daughter and I had a very weak moment over the weekend. I had to go get Sampson's dog food and gee there just happened to be kitties available for adoption.... pictures to come.... she is so tiny and cute. She hisses at Sampson and he looks so hurt! Willow, my other cat, has been a little put off, but was showing some interest this morning. Hopefully all will living happy together.

How about those Marine Corps Marathoners this weekend??? They had an awesome day for the run. I didn't go spectate, but I did follow a friend from Texas who was running via the online tracker. He had a good race.


  1. hope the cats work things out with the new kitty. we had a hard time when cat #2 came into the family, but they worked it out after a few weeks.

  2. I kinda thought you might have a moment of weakness! that's how I've landed with 3 cats!!!

    Take care of yourself! You have plenty of time for New Orleans!

  3. I struggle to keep up with hard core riders on a good day too. Maybe someday they'll all get flat tires so I can pass them ;-)

    Sorry to hear about the tendonitis, though. Is perhaps pool jogging an option? I once saw a guy doing that back and forth in a swim lane for a couple hours. I asked him what he was training for and he said an ironman race. Thanks for stopping by my blog and congrats on the new family member.