Friday, October 9, 2009

I got my 3 miles in...

Last nites run at Fleet Feet was good and well attended. I had not done one of their Thursday night fun runs. Last night's was also sponsored by Mizuno. You could try Mizuno shoes if you wanted and they provide us with some beer and pizza after our run. YUM! I ran with two women who kept a similar pace and we had good conversation the whole run. I like that - a little exercise and little social time, meeting new people. Its all good.
New Balance 1224 - I was happy running in these. I haven't run outside in several weeks and I felt good and stable in these shoes. Knees, shins and ankles all felt good. I think I made a good purchase. I also wore my SKINS compression pants last night. I won these in a raffle drawing a few weeks back at women's cycling event I attended. LOVE THEM!

Okay it is Friday! I hope to get about 25 miles in on the bike on Saturday morning and then I am scheduled for a 4 mile run on Sunday.

I am truly bummed that I can't take the Carl Burke swimming stroke clinic offered up for triathletes that starts thisSunday. It starts at 6 and my daughter gets out of class at 6 -by the time I would get to the pull the clinic would be over! Hopefully there will be another opportunity! I need to get some pool time in over the Fall and Winter to be ready for next years tri-season!


  1. too bad about swimming. those clinics are great. i'm taking the one at au on sunday nites.

    you really know how to find all these store-sponsored events! I might have to try fleet feet, too, although right now i seem to be running Tuesday morning, wednesday night & Saturday. Not the smartest schedule!

  2. Yay, you got your three miles in. Good for you. ;)

  3. New shoes and no pain...that's all good!

  4. Yay for the run and good luck on finding another swim clinic that fits your schedule better. How were your weekend workouts?