Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cycling and Running

My cycling weekend in Amish and Mennonite Country was wonderful. I did the 49 mile ride option on Saturday. Lovely rolling hills through the farmland. I marvelled at the beautiful farms and yards that were every where. I think there are some parts to simple living that the Amish and Mennonite have that are spot on! The ride was great and Gina (my bike) and I had a great time. I didn't ride on Sunday due to 1. wine headache from too much wine on Saturday night and 2. I had a time constraint to get home and going out for 20 miles just didn't seem worth it. So I hit a couple outlet mall stores on the way out of Lancaster County and went home!

On the running front... I haven't done anything stellar, but I did buy new running shoes last night! I bought New Balance 1224 - Here is a review from someone else. I bought them at Fleet Feet. I was overdue for new shoes. My old shoes (now relegated to dog walking) were Brooks don't remember the model. I almost bought the same model of Brooks that I have, but I really liked the cushion and extra stability that the New Balance provide. I need that! To benefit my purchase I had $25 in frequent buyer coupons to use and I was the the monthly winner for the spot and win car magnet contest (my picture is on their website YIKES) . I knew one day having all those silly stickers and magnets on the back of my van would pay off! LOL So another $15 towards my Cadillac of running shoes. I also use super feet in my running shoes and my other pair were over 2 years old, so I bought new super feet. And then 3/4 length super feet for my casual flat shoes, cause my arches have been complaining when I haven't been wearing supportive footwear. The price for fashion and too many years on my feet.... I have them in my loafers today and no complaints from my arches! YIPEE! Tonight will be my first real run in the new shoes. I will post what I think!

Normally, Thursday evenings are dedicated to cycling with the bike shop, but I need to get a run in and Fleet Feet has a Thursday night run. So I am doing the run tonight. I think I may alternate my Thursdays during fall and winter, weather permitting, one week bike shop ride, one week running store run. Bike shop ride we ride a good bit in the dark since the sun sets earlier now. I recently put lights on Gina. We rode last Thursday. Riding in the dark and in some traffic was a little unnerving, but fun! I did get the bike handling award last week for managing not to crash and get back out on the road when it narrowed and I didn't notice. I was off on the grass/dirt shoulder in an instant, but I managed to put myself back on the road without crashing, stopping, or flatting out. Not such a big feat on a mountain or hybrid bike, but on a road bike going about 16 mph in the dark, I was impressed with myself!

Exercise totals so far this week: LAME! One day of strength training in at gym. Love those pikes with push ups on the exercise ball. 1 mile on treadmill.

Tonight I hope to get in 3 miles.


  1. Wow, it sounds like you were way overdue for a new pair of shoes and insoles! Enjoy them!

  2. I hope you got your three miles in. Yay for 49 miles on the bike. I haven't gone that far. Hopefully soon. ;)

  3. I love biking on old country roads, so peaceful and beautiful, thanks for sharing