Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brrrr...... and OUCH!

It is October! It is 45 degrees today. That is pretty chilly for a day time high in the 'burbs of Washington DC for October. And it isn't going away for the next few days. To top it off it is raining off and on. I can deal with cold and snow, but I truly hate a cold rain!

Here is my joy for this weekend from weather channel's website
Daily Details for Cascade, MD (21719)
Rain / Snow Showers
High38°F Precip60%
Wind: From NNW at 10 mph

Did you catch that word SNOW?!!? Again, it is OCTOBER! I am scouting a hike Saturday for the hike I am leading on Halloween. This is our starting point town. It is going to be COLD and WET! YUCK... I'm not ready for gloves, hats, and thermal layers. I will try to remember to take pictures and then actually post them for all your viewing pleasure. I'm sure the leaves are lovely up here. A good part of this hike is on the Applachian Trail. Let's hope the actually club hike day enjoys better weather.

Working out and running.... Not so much this week. I did strength work on Tuesday morning and again this morning. I also did intervals on the stairmaster for 20 minutes this morning. I gave my foot a rest this week. It turns out that my arch pain - is a tendonitis (I think Posterior Tibial Tendonitis- to be truly diagnosed next week). I have been icing, taking anti-inflammatories, stretching my calves, and working on some myofacial release to get at this tendon that runs behind the calf muscle and into the foot and making sure that I have my foot well supported at all times. I was in so much pain on Tuesday that it just hurt to walk - even in my running shoes. YIKES! Today, it feels so much better. NO MORE NON SUPPORTIVE - but very cute and chic - summer sandals for me! I know that is what has aggravated this and I should have known better.... being a slight fashonista got the best of me! It has been nagging for a bit and just got really bad over the past couple of weeks. Ignoring obviously was not the answer...duh..


  1. ugh, i know it was HARD out there this morning! Dark, rainy and cold, a trifecta of crap! but once I got going it was ok. I have 3 miles on the sched for saturday--it's a drop back week for me. You?

  2. See? That's exactly why I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. LOL ;)

  3. Yep, I was floored when our forecaster said we are going to have snow today and tomorrow, its flippin October for petes sake.

  4. brrrrr. i don't like cold rain either

    i hope things get diagnosed and worked out soon for your foot pain.

  5. rain...I'll take rain if you take my 90 degree weather in October!!!

    Let me know about your foot!! Foot pain can be awful!!

    I hope you had a great weekend!!

    Miss you