Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Wednesday with Words

My scale read 4 pounds lighter this morning. I must be doing something right this month! YIPEE! I will continue!
Since I finally resolved to be consistent and regular with my exercise after a sporadic first few weeks of January, I have worked out everyday for since Saturday Jan 23. I have hit the fitness center at lunch every day this week. I went to core conditioning class on Monday and today. Both times an excellent 15 minutes. Today at the end of class, I was doing pikes on the swiss ball. Jeremy, one of the trainers, brings over the Bosu ball and challenges me to do pushups with my feet on the swiss ball and hands on the flipped over bosu ball. I managed to get into plank position with out falling over, but could not get balanced enough to do a pushup. I now have a new challenge to conquer!
As I was heading into the locker room, I got pulled in to be in a video for the corporate website showing our fitness center. They put 3 of us on elliptical machines and video taped us while on the machines. I am fearful to see what this will end up looking like! LOL...