Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I got tagged -10 things that make me happy

I have never been tagged before! So here is a first! Thanks to Big Daddy Diesel.

10 things that make me happy.

1. My daughter. 90% of the time she is a great kid and I enjoy her company. I hope to still be saying this as we venture solidly into the teen years in a couple of weeks.

2. My animals. Sampson, Willow and Sunday. Sampson is such a wonderful, big, lug of a dog. He is the best! He will be 11 in April - which is ancient for a Great Dane, so I celebrate every day with him. Doggie Joe Joes for all! :) Willow has finally come out of mourning (our cat, Shadow, died in October and I truly think she was in mourning) and is her lovely self again, interacting with all of us and she is enjoying the bundle of fun that is Sunday. Sunday is a crazy kitten and she is just what we all needed after the long battle of Shadow's decline. Sunday is a chatty girl and is so loving, sweet, and full of personality. She is a nice balance to Willow's mellow.

3. Knitting. It is my meditation. The feel of the wool (or other fiber) and the rhythm of creating the stitches and then ending up with a finished piece. Of course there are those times when it is not so meditative... but we won't focus on that here!

4. Days when I don't have anything scheduled or planned.

5. Triathlon and all the craziness that comes with training for one of any distance.

6. My bike, Orangina (gina for short)....I am so happy I bought it last year.

7. Ferrero Rondnoir - this is the best crunchy, dark chocolate, wonderment ever! Found it on sale at the grocery store this week too! WOOT! 2 boxes for $4......now to keep them away from that person in #1.

8. Haribo Gold Baren (gummi bears) Haribo macht kinder froh und ewachsene ebenso! Best tag line ever - especially since I have remembered it all these years and in German! Got to put that BA to use somewhere. I am a fan of almost all things gummi, but these bears are my top favorite and they make me quite happy!

9. My friends and family

10. Creme Caramel or Creme Brulee - very similar but yet slightly different versions of the same dessert. YUMMY!

Notice my penchant for sweets? hmmmm Of course now that I have waxed fondly about Haribo Gold Baren I have an intense craving for these.

I am supposed to tag others I do believe..... I will tag three....

Not Born to Run




  1. Very neat!! Mmmm....creme brulee.....

    I really need to learn how to knit!

  2. OK. Now I have something to blog about!

  3. I didn't realize that you knitted. I enjoy knitting also. I'm not very good at it, but it's fun!

  4. Love the list, see, it wasnt as bad as it first seemed.

  5. Love the list! It's a total peek inside someone to see what makes them happy. Do you know how many people can't name ten things that make them happy? (I didn't know anyone thought it a difficult exercise until I started training as a life coach. Can you imagine?) And knitting! As a knit shop owner, I love seeing that make the cut. :D