Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm here!

Let's see. I had a cold from January 4th until January 10th or 11th. I felt like absolute crap. I did get a few treadmill runs in, but overall not much was done during that time. I have started using the fitness center at work. Trying to go at lunch, but that doesn't always happen - thus after work for the other times.

Last week I went and did the compu-trainer at the bike shop. I liked it. It kicked my butt! There were three others there riding that day. They were all faster than moi. It made me work harder, which I need. I will go back for more compu-trainer time and hopefully I will be able to get outside on the bike too. Winter weather oddities, lack of day light and CRAZY metro area drivers make me a bit leery about being on the roads right now. The potholes around here could swallow me whole on my bike.

Since I was snot free this past weekend, I went back to Master's swim practice. 2 hours of swimming on a Sunday morning in the best! I was really tired yesterday (Monday) - so now I am thinking that Monday may become my rest or low workout day with the remaining days being the combination of run,cycle, strength and core training and the Sunday swim. Since I should being doing my long runs on Saturday and then 2 hours of swimming on Sunday, I think that may make more sense. I try it this week.

New Orleans half marathon update. I don't think this is going to happen for me this year. Due to financial issues, job insecurities and a major car repair I just funded (ugh), going to NO to run is out. I am sad as it is on my bday, but I will find some fun around here. I did look for a closer race in Feb or March, but alas they are either sold out or have cut off times that I have not met yet.

I do need to start look at tris that I want to do and I hope that they are still open for registration. I think I may do the REV3 race in Knoxville in May. Although the bike course is a bit hilly.
Again, with the current job insecurity situation I am reluctant to spend $$ on a race at the moment and especially an out of town race.

My company has been doing some "staff alterations". Some gone, some asked to go part time. It doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. I am trying to be proactive about this too, but the market is not great for that either! UGH!

Okay off to the fitness center to run off some stress!


  1. - I hope your feeling better

    - Totally jealous of your work having a fitness center

    - I keep hearing about this compu - trainer, what is it?

    - Was the New Orleans race a Rock N Roll event?

    - I will send good vibes about the work situation

  2. I hear you on needing to stay close to home this year. Hope the job wobblies get better. And I had to laugh about the hilly bike course in Knoxville. I think they would be hard pressed to find anything remotely flat. Peace!