Monday, November 23, 2009

Fingers, toes and girly stuff

I have only had 1 run since the 5 k race. And it was only 2 miles. YIKES! I signed up for the 10k Turkey Chase on Thanksgiving day morning. I am just going to run slow and steady and walk if I need to, I know its a race, but...... I will get a run in tomorrow morning. As a friend of mine, who is also a running coach, said, you will be able to run the 10k, it just may not feel very good later! ha ha SO TRUE! I think I may need an ice bath aftewards before I go over to my brother's for Thanksgiving dinner.

I had a headaches off and on all weekend. Mostly they killed in the morning and then when they finally had faded, my day had too many other things going on to get in a run. UGH... I even had to cancel a bike ride yesterday due to headache and schedule issues. My child keeps me busy with her activities ... driving all over the county I am.

Plus side of my weekend, I got a pedicure AND manicure. A lovely navy blue on the toes and a red on my short fingernails. Normally I am just a pedicure girl. I stay fairly consistent on the toes, especially in the Summer. August was the last time I went in for a pedicure. My toes needed some serious pampering. You can still see evidence of blisters on toes in the photo. Because I was killing time while my daughter was in 3 hours of rehearsal, I decided to go for the manicure. I hardly ever get a manicure. It was a really girly weekend overall because I also attend a makeup event at Ulta put on by Smashbox. I got my makeup done and then my daughter had hers done... and of course then we spent money on some Smashbox products and got some free products. So girly... and I am not all that girly that often... I do love to play with the make up though...


  1. i SO need a pedicure and a manicure!!! Badly!!! Now I may have to get one this weekend!!!

    You can so do the 10k on turkey day!! Just go slow-run YOUR race no one elses!!

  2. I am so jealous of your lovely pedicure... I barely have enough toenails for a pedicure. Yours are so perfect!

  3. pedi AND a mani? I like pedicures, but my hands are a mess. I'm envious that your nails look so nice...

  4. Im gonna comment on the running

    Good luck, you will do great