Monday, November 30, 2009

Is this what they mean by "Active Lifestyle"???

Thanksgiving Weekend 2009. Since my normal family routine was blown apart for this Thanksgiving, I kept myself busy in other ways. First there was the Turkey Chase 10k documented previously.
Friday - I spent in my office, bored out of my mind, but not wanting to waste a day of leave since I was not going shopping any where!
Saturday - I hiked with the Capital Hiking Club. It was a gorgeous late November day. We did a 9 mile loop, inside the beltway. We started at Roosevelt Island along the Potomac in Virginia, crossed the Key Bridge into Georgetown, then went up the tow path along the C&O Canal, then crossed the Chain Bridge back over the Potomac and back into Virginia to head back to parking taking the Potomac Heritage Trail. It was nice and a few rock scrambles to keep your brain entertained. I had an excellent nap on the couch later in the day! I love a good afternoon nap!

Sunday - I did a 30 mile bike ride with a few people from hiking club. Gina (my bike) was very happy to be out on the road! Again, another stellar late November Day. People were outside every where! We started in Bethesda, MD and meandered through several old neighborhoods, along the Capital Crescent Trail, through Sligo Creek, and through Rock Creek Park. In several of these areas the roads are closed to motorized traffic on the weekends. It was a wonderful ride, a few good hills in for good measure. We finished up with lunch at an Irish pub. Lunch and a couple beers! YUM!!

Whew! Sunday night I visited with an old friend I haven't seen in a while. When I got home, I mustered my last bit of energy to take Sampson for his walk and then I was off to bed! I think that was pretty good for a weekend known for notorious over eating! Today, I made into a rest day. Tuesday it will be back to the run and work out schedule.

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