Friday, November 6, 2009

PHOTOS! and Trying to break through the blaaahhsss

Sunday, our new kitten. In our mourning of our old man cat Shadow we found a new baby to love. She is cute and fiesty.

Willow, the princess. She likes the cubby with wine bottles and secretly enjoys playing with the kitten.

Me at the start of Capital Hiking Club hike on Halloween. We went south along the Appalachian Trail in Maryland. It was tricky with wet leaves covering wet rocks! We still had fun and a gorgeous day.

This is Sampson. He is 10.5 years old. Very old for a Great Dane. He likes to sleep in the sun.

As my friend Jeanne at Not Born to Run suggested on my facebook page - FORCE yourself to go out for a run, you will feel better. So yes, this morning, after I took my dear doggy friend, Sampson, out for his stroll, I went for a run. It was only 2 miles, but it was a run! It felt good. It was a slight down hill for the first mile and then I turned around and had the slight up hill for the second mile back home. I didn't wear my heart rate monitor nor my garmin, but I had mapped the run thus knowing the distance. I didn't care about the time since it was just to get out there and move!
I truly love Shannon's suggestion for a Turkey trot run or a Jingle Bell jog....very good things to add in to the calendar to keep motivated and as a part of my training plan for the Rock and Roll Mardi Gras half marathon in New Orleans coming up in February. So today I will look for those events and get my ass out there!

Saturday morning I will go ride my bike, OranGina, in the cold morning air. Hey you cyclists out there....are the shoe/foot booties really worth it? I haven't experienced my feet getting cold on the bike yet. I do need to find a good outer layer for riding. The last jacket I found that I liked was waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy expensive.

Enjoy your weekend! I am determined to break out of the blahs..... it is a no blah zone here!
Edited to add: See events I signed up for this morning! A 5k on the 15th and a 10k on the 26th. I hope I will be ready for a 10k by then!


  1. Yay for pictures and more yay for you getting out there and moving!!
    Cute new kitty cat. ;)

  2. Love the pics, have fun at the races, and booties are good for keep the cold wind out our shoes and off your toes, if you get some, dont spend anymore then $20 on them, not worth the investment.

  3. Your new kitty is so sweet! I have an affection for Calico/tortoise-shell kitties. :) We also used to have a cat that looks just like your fluffy Willow. Sampson looks like a sweet old guy, too.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. i'm blah today! Going to crawl into bed and watch football. I think i'm just exhausted and it's making me emotional!! I'm running the malibu half the 15th Nov-so we will both be racing that day! And i'm also running a 10K Turkey trot! Nothing better than running on thanksgiving-good excuse to start drinking wine early!!