Monday, November 16, 2009

King of Road 5k Report

After several days of yucky weather from the remnants of Ida that became a Nor'Easter, Sunday dawned absolutely lovely. There was a bit of fog earlier on, but by race time the sun was out, the skies were clear and I was going to have to get rid of the vest I was wearing or I would be burning up on my run! By race start I was wishing I had on short sleeves! Ahhh the mid-Atlantic area in the Fall, very changeable.
I haven't run just a 5k alone since May of 2008 (Police Week 5k May 2008 time 32:24 - 10:25/mile). The rest of 2008 was longer runs or I was on my bike. All my 2009 running has been with triathlons. So according to the web postings My gun time was 33:22, my net time was 32:59, with a 10:37/mile pace. NOW according to my Garmin I had a 10:26/pace. Either way I am happy with it. Now can I train myself to run this pace for 13.1 miles???? For these shorter runs I would really like to get down to a 10 min mile pace, but in the end it really doesn't matter. I am having fun! I felt pretty good the whole run. Although, my lovely tendonitis was talking to me after about 2.5 miles. PLEASE STOP BEING A PAIN! Next up the Turkey Chase 10k on Thanksgiving morning. This one has some hills. I need to add some into my training between now and then.

The rest of my Sunday was running errands, house chores, shuttling daughter to class... etc...
I need another weekend. I wasn't ready for this one to be over.


  1. AWESOME race!!! And what a great time!!! Well done missy!!

  2. Great times chica! Hope the tendonitis goes away.

  3. nice job! having fun is what it's all about!