Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So far so good

Another run on the books on Tuesday. I ran 3 miles. Poky slow, but it was three miles. I have decided that I need a new Garmin. I have an ancient model - it is huge! I would like to incorporate the garmin and the heart rate monitor, thus reducing the amount of crap I have to wear on my wrists. Lately, I've been leaving the heart rate monitor at home. Any suggestions out there?? I don't need it to integrate with my bike. I have and like my bike computer.

This morning I did my strength work out at the gym. A noon today I will go to a Yoga class at my work's fitness center and since I am a bit slow on any work tasks I may even stay for the core conditioning class. While I don't have work at my desk, I can work on my total being.... :)
I am joining the Maintain for the Holidays challenge at the work fitness center. You can stay the same weight, lose weight, but you cannot gain more than 2 lbs. It starts Nov 18 and goes until right after the New Year. I am pretty good on maintaining... I really would like to lose. But all in all I just really want to remain and be HEALTHY!

So I am on a Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday run cycle, with Sunday's being the long run day. Mon, Wed, Fri - strength training and then I hope to have Alternate Thursday nights a bike ride and then a longish bike ride on Saturdays. On the Thursdays that I will ride at night (bike shop ride), I will run in the morning. On the Thursday nights I don't ride I will run in the evening with the Fleet Feet night run. In case you are wondering (probably not but I will mind dump it anyway), the alternating Thursday's correspond with the child schedule with her Dad. Thus if he has her I don't have to drive all the way down to Bethesda to pick her up from rehearsal, thus I don't do the bike ride... Although, this production she is in ends with performances in December. So I guess I will figure out what I will do with the schedule then.. I will probably still alternate as I like to socialize at the Fleet Feet run as well as at the bike shop.

On a personal note, the papers were filed yesterday. Nearly three years since it all went down, we are finally getting to the legal finality. It is TIME!


  1. Divorce in MD seems to take a RIDICULOUS amount of time - so glad you are finally, finally getting to the end of it. Yay! (Are you totally done?)

    And look at you! You've got your workout schedule nicely booked up.

  2. that's a great schedule! I'm on T, Wed, Sat run schedule, a M & F swim schedule and a let's-not-bike-til-it's-warm schedule.

    Btw, I was coveting your red shoes last night! I want those shoes! the class was great but i thought i was going to keel over from hunger and sleep deprivation!

    congrats on the divorce. All systems are GO!

  3. YEAH...finally the end is near! It has taken for EVER!

    I think you have a great schedule set up! Much better than mine! I don't have a schedule! sucks!

    Hope you are well!! miss you!