Monday, May 3, 2010

Bunny Hop Criterium Race

Me in my Velo Bella Jersey.

First to note, the guys that I usually ride with on Saturdays from my tri club all congratulated me on my cycling improvement Saturday. It is nice that they noticed! I will say compared to a year ago when I was just starting out on my road bike, I know that I have improved. I can feel it. It is great to have it confirmed from others. I often ride with those that are stronger and faster cyclists, as I think it helps me improve. I guess it is working!

So Sunday, the Bunny Hop Criterium Race! This marked my second attempt at bike racing. I should have not done the race last month, as there were premiums for first time CAT 4 women racers in this event and it turned out there were only 2 in the CAT 4 field. I think I probably would have gotten a premium if it had been my first time. (that sounds kinda of funny). Anyway... There was an awesome showing of women at this race. There were nearly 50 women in the CAT 4 race. I did not race in the CAT 4 race, though. I decided to race in the open Women's 35+/45+ race. ha ha ha ha Little did I know that I would be out there with some amazing women, who are VETERANS of bike racing. There was about 30 women it this field. GREAT showing of women! I did absolutely get my ass handed to me, but I had FUN! The course was fairly flat and even with the wind blowing head on the slight incline of the course is was fast. I need to pull my computer numbers to see my average speed (I will). I only stayed with the main pack for part of the first lap. These women were zooming! The course was a 1km loop. The race was for 45 minutes, so the officials time the first few laps of the fastest group and then determine how many laps will be done. You are pushing it the whole way in this kind of race. Around lap 4 or 5, another racer and I, who was also without other team mates in the race ( and might I add a high level duathlete racer as I met her earlier) , helped each other out drafting and pulling around the course. She had done the earlier CAT 4 race and she was doing this one too. She was tired and still going! At some point, when I took my turn to pull she dropped back. I don't know how many times I got lapped by the lead group, but each time they did I certainly tried to grab on the to pack and get a little drafting help for as long as I could. I know I finished in the back of the group, but I don't think I was dead last. It was still FUN FUN FUN and I want to do more!
Other highlights of the weekend, I bought new running shoes on Saturday. My 10k PR left me with a lovely right shin splint. As I mentioned before, my sign that new shoes were needed. I didn't run at all last week. I was on my bike 3 times though. I am hoping my shin is happier this week as I return to getting my run on. My swim schedule and other working schedule had totally been out of wack. What is going on here! So I do hope to get some swim time in this week and get back to the gym for core class. Why does my job have to interfere with my lunch time core class! Get the memo people, Michelle goes to core class Mon,Wed and Fri - that means no afternoon meetings before 1:30!!!
Have a great week!