Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Nugget for Your Wednesday

Not sure where I got this from, but it is on a post-it note on my desk:

You only have control over 3 things in your life.
  • The thoughts you think,
  • The images you visualize, and
  • The actions you take

I think I must have written this down when my life was feeling a bit out of control. I still look at it often (probably because it is on my desk in front of my face), but it is good stuff. My life is no longer feeling out of control, actually it is rather sedate.

Trying to decide what to do with my weekend. Crit race on Saturday? Try, try again? Will she get her ass into the pack at the start and stay there? (I think I need to visualize this happening!) Or stick to the schedule of training ride/run brick on Saturday morning, swim on Sunday morning and if I don't get a long run in on Friday, a long run on Sunday afternoon. I think I may need to stick to the training plan. June 20th will be here before I know it. What will be the actions I take?


  1. And I thought there was free chicken nuggets on todays post, oh well. I vote race, so that means you will do training plan i bet ;-0

  2. stick to the training plan... no wait race... dont you hate these kind of problems..

  3. I need to write those three things down. I know those things, but sometimes it's easy to let other things get the best of us. :)

  4. 幸福是人人都要,又怎麼可能都歸你所有?要知道這世界幸福本來就不多........................................

  5. Awesome! Those are 3 great things!